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About E-Books


Some topics are too complex or broad to be easily explained with a series of articles. For these topics, we are committed to writing and/or making available the very best e-books on such topics. Our first e-book is Sway Seduction: Master Online Dating, a complete guide to becoming a master at online dating, written by Josh Sway based on nearly a decade of extreme success seducing women online. In Sway Seduction, you'll learn a start to finish method that will help you achieve your online dating goals. Our second e-book, The Art Of Sway: A Handbook To Approaching Women is for those of you who aren't sure how to take the first step. Whether you suffer from approach anxiety that prevents you from even saying Hi to a woman or whether you simply don't know what to say to get the conversation going, The Art Of Sway has an answer for you. The book doesn't stop there; it will also guide you through common pitfalls associated with approaching women and give you dozens of options of how to "open" in various venues and settings. In the future, in addition to the hundreds of articles on the site, you'll be seeing more comprehensive e-book content from