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Here are 15 ways to start a conversation with a woman during the day

I generally prefer to meet women at night or through online dating. However, these are hardly the only ways to meet women. Many people meet women on the street, in line at starbucks, or in a random store at the mall. Attempting to pick up girls during the day is often referred to as "day game". An opener is the first thing one says or does to begin an interaction with a woman. In this article I am going to give you 15 daygame openers to help you get more comfortable starting a conversation with women anywhere, not just at a bar, club, or through online dating.
<h4>Openers that work everywhere</h4>
The first group of openers are openers that work in just about every day game (and most "night game") situations. They are:
<h5>1. "Hi"</h5>
Hi is a universal opener that works surprisingly well in most situations. If you can't think of something good to say but don't want to miss an opportunity, simply say "Hi!".
<h5>2. "Hey Jenny, how've you been?"</h5>
This is the mistaken identity opener. Simply approach with confidence and pretend that they are your long lost friend Jenny. Some women will be onto this opener, but what is nice about it is that it can work more or less anytime, anywhere, and in any place. It also almost always gets her to respond or engage you somehow.
<h5>3. Ask a benign question</h5>
"What time is it?" is a good example. This is not a great opener but again, it is something simple to say to get the conversation going and works in most locations and in most situations.
<h4>Openers for the Street</h4>
As always there are plenty more openers that work in more or less every situation; but for now, these three will suffice. The next group of openers are mostly effective when engaging a woman on the street. Note that it is most effective to engage women walking the same direction as you as opposed to women walking towards you.
<h5>4. Ask for directions</h5>
Note that when you ask for directions, be congruent. If you live in a city, don't ask how to get to 12th and Market St or some location anyone who lives in the city would know how to get to. Ask where a particular store is, for example: "Where is the nearest CVS?", or "Where is so and so obscure place".
<h5>5. Compliment</h5>
For example, "love the dress", or "nice bag, my sister just got one like it", etc. Compliments are generally ok in day game because it isn't an environment where women have their guard constantly up.
<h5>6. "Did you drop this"</h5>
You can do this with a $5 bill, or if you really want to plan ahead, have something really funny with you and ask a woman in front of you if she dropped it as an obvious joke. It might make some women wonder what you are doing carrying a pink smurf or whatever, but many will find it funny and like the mistaken identity opener, it almost always gets an initial response which you can work off of.
<h5>7. Comment on the environment</h5>
I don't mean talk about global warming, I mean talk about an interesting building, a weird homeless guy, or anything of the sort. Pointing out something interesting is a great way to start a conversation. It is also very non-intrusive.
<h4>Openers in a line</h4>
Your self consciousness is more likely to get in the way starting a conversation with the cute girl in front of you in line for coffee, but the reality is it is quite natural to talk to someone in a line. Try using some of these openers:
<h5>8. "What's good here?"</h5>
Obviously, adjust according to the environment. At a starbucks maybe ask if they ever tried "the so and so". This is a very easy natural way to start a conversation.
<h5>9. Comment on the line speed</h5>
If things aren't moving, make a joke about it. If the lines are moving fast, comment on it. Commenting on what is going on in general is a good way to start a conversation with anyone anywhere.
<h5>10. Tease her about her order</h5>
This naturally only works once you hear her order. If her order is unusual in anyway, tease her about it. Make a joke like: "Are you sure you don't need more sugar?" if she orders her drink with a large amount of sugar. Be careful not to offend when you do this: always make it obvious you are joking.
<h5>11. Eavesdrop and interfere</h5>
I wrote about this opener in our 6 ways to approach women article. If a girl you are interested in is talking to someone about something, butt in to the conversation! It takes a lot of confidence to do this right, but the results are usually quite good if you can pull it off well.
<h4>Openers for Malls/Stores</h4>
Meeting at the mall is a quite common way for younger people to meet. Here are some ideas that work best in a mall or in a store.
<h5>12. Where is so and so store</h5>
This is a variant of the direction opener. It is pretty self explanatory.
<h5>13. Do you think this would look good/bad on me/ Is this style in/etc?</h5>
You probably notice a theme throughout this article: craft an opener based on the environment. In a clothing or accessories store, a natural line of conversation is the clothes!
<h5>14. I think you would look better in X</h5>
You can switch things up on her. If she is trying something on around you or picking through a rack of clothing, suggest something!
<h5>15. Comment on obscure items</h5>
This is very similar to commenting on the environment opener for street game. I generally like to comment on extremely overpriced accessories, like $1200 sneakers by Dior. Stuff like that.
<h4>Bonus: College Campus Openers</h4>
Are you in college? Here are some bonus daygame openers that have worked well for me in my college days.
<h5>16. "Hey, you should come to so and so party"</h5>
If you are planning a party, even better. At least in the US, college students are almost always looking for something social to do.
<h5>17. Comment on a book she is holding</h5>
An example might be: "You don't seem like the physics type!" if you see her walking around campus with a particle physics book.
<h5>18. "Hey, I haven't/have seen you around, are you also in this dorm?"</h5>
Talking about living accommodations is an easy topic, especially freshmen year. Remember, most people at school are in a new environment for the first time and are generally happy to meet people. You should not be embarrassed to start a conversation with a stranger on a college campus. Just don't be creepy about it!

As with every list type article, there are usually many more ways to whatever is listed. These 15 opener ideas should get you started. More importantly though, I hope you picked up on the not so subtle theme here: tailor your opener to the environment. This is a great rule of thumb to follow not just for daygame openers, but for openers in general.

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