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/ 5 Core Seduction Principles

Seduction, in almost all cases, can be boiled down to 5 basic principles.

There is endless amounts of content one can learn about seduction, but at the end of the day, most of the content boils down to a few basic principles. Here are 5 seduction basics that every man serious about improving their chances with women needs to know. Furthermore, I truly believe these 5 basics alone are ALL you need; the rest of the information out there will just help you get better at these 5 things.
<h4>1. Have Confidence</h4>
I have written about confidence <a href="">here</a> and I will write more about it in the future because it is an extremely important point. It is one of my <a href="">3 C's of Pickup</a> and one of the 5 seduction basics. You must have confidence if you are to truly reach your potential with women. Some confidence basics include making eye contact, not being afraid of being physical, and not hesitating.
<h4>2. Have Something Going For You</h4>
I wrote an article by the same name, you can read it <a href="">here</a>. The reality is that looking at yourself in the mirror repeating "I am the prize" isn't going to get you women. Actually being a prize is. Have something going for you. That something can be just about anything! Be funny. Be great at a particular activity. Have a good career. Be good at sports. Just about anything can be the "something" you need to be successful with women. And naturally, the more "somethings" you have, the better.
<h4>3. Make A Move</h4>
Don't just read about getting women, get out there and do it. If you are interested in someone, go after them. Ask them to hang out. Make eye contact. Be physical (in a respectful way always). If things are going well with her, don't settle, keep pressing forward. One of the most common mistakes men make when dating is not making a move, whether approaching in the first place (read more about approach mistakes <a href="">here</a>) or closing the deal (one of 3 common mistakes you can read about <a href="">here</a>).
<h4>4. Present Yourself In The Best Possible Way</h4>
What good is having a ton going for you if you can't demonstrate it to a woman you are interested in? The answer is not much good at all. Know your strengths, know which strengths will have the greatest impact on your current target, and figure out how to show those strengths to her in the best way possible. Getting women is not only about being "the man" but also knowing how to show you are "the man". Some guys can even get away with the showing part only!
<h4>5. Use Common Sense</h4>
Not everything in seduction makes logical sense, but a lot of things do. Don't blindly follow a "rule" or something you read if it obviously doesn't make sense. Almost nothing is absolute when it comes to dating, so always be sure to use common sense! Can you get better at "common sense"? Sure you can. Get some experience. Remember, <a href="">practice makes perfect</a>, and dating is no exception.

Believe it or not, these 5 principles really are all you need to follow! Don't over-complicate seduction; if something doesn't make sense, fall back on these basic principles and see how the advice you are getting fits in.

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