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/ 5 Low Hanging Fruits

5 simple tips that will dramatically improve your success with women

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The first step in tackling just about every problem is to go for the low hanging fruit first. Dating is no exception. I see countless of men who fail at picking up women, whether it be “live”, out at the bar or club, or online, due to problems that are so easily corrected.
<h4>5 simple dating tips</h4>
The amount of low hanging fruit out there is mind boggling. I could probably write an entire book consisting entirely of very simple common mistakes men make with women that can all be remedied in a matter of days if not hours. Maybe I will write it. But for now, here are 5 “low hanging fruits” that you can put to use TODAY that will increase your success with women. Four are the most critical basics of picking up women that every man simply needs to know. The fifth is a little detail that plagues so many men in online dating and also in real life conversation.
<h5>1. Do not hesitate</h5>
If you see a woman you want to talk to, just do it. Do not hesitate. Some call it the “three second rule.” If you are interested, approach within three seconds or less. It really does make a difference. Hesitation equals lack of confidence and women can smell lack of confidence from a mile away.
<h5>2. Eye contact</h5>
Make eye contact when talking to a woman. If you are really bad at maintain eye contact, exaggerate it! Don’t be afraid of coming off as a creep, it’s better to err on the side of appearing creepy with eye contact than talking to the wall to your left when you are addressing a woman in front of you. Eye contact shows confidence not to mention it is sexy and seductive. Make eye contact often.
<h5>3.Look your best</h5>
Dressing like a homeless man is not a turn on. Looks don’t matter nearly as much as you think but women notice if you put in effort and they will respond positively to it. There’s no excuse to not look your best when going out to meet women. Would you go to a job interview having not shaved in a week and not showered since the night before, wearing an old suit that doesn’t fit right and a pair of sneakers? Probably not. So why would you ever consider not putting in effort to the way you appear with women?
<h5>4. Don’t be afraid to touch</h5>
Touching is seductive. A light incidental touch that is not overtly sexual (for example, holding her upper arm lightly when starting a funny story) shows confidence, interest, and subconsciously puts her in the state of mind of evaluating you as a potential sexual partner as opposed to a friend or acquaintance.
<h5>5. Don’t use the word ‘sexy’</h5>
For online daters, use of the word sexy has been statistically proven to lead to a reduced response rate. In other words, women have no interest in reading e-mails from random strangers that say: “Hey sexy, what r u up to?” In real life, sexy doesn’t fare much better. Women like sexy talk, but don’t be so blatant about it.

Dating is a difficult thing to learn if it does not come naturally to you; however, a few small changes in behavior can go a very long way. Put these 5 tips to work in your next encounter with women and you should see a significant improvement in your success rate all from 5 simple tips.

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