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/ 5 Tinder Basics

Are you using tinder? If so, here are 5 basic tips.

The popularity of the Tinder dating app seems to be growing by the minute. There's a good chance if you are reading this you already use Tinder, or are thinking about it. Here are 5 basic tips which will help you maximize your odds on Tinder.
<h4>1. Have Good Pictures</h4>
At the end of the day, Tinder success is mostly driven by physical appearance. You receive almost no information about the person other than their pictures, so this makes sense. You will need good pictures to maximize your success. Note, I said good pictures, not misleading or fake pictures. Misleading or fake pictures may get you more matches and more potential dates, but these dates will likely go quite poorly. Use pictures which are as good as possible but still clearly you, at least on your very first picture.
<h4>2. Like Everyone</h4>
While there is nothing wrong with not liking someone you know you won't like, it just isn't particularly efficient to even bother waiting for pictures to load. It is much more efficient to click the heart as soon as it appears. It's easy enough to ignore or block anyone who contacts you that you end up not being interested. On the other hand, being selective from the get go gets you through less pictures which means less potential matches with girls you want. That should be the goal, and it is best accomplished by clicking like on everyone as fast as possible versus spending time to think.
<h4>3. About Tip #1: Short, sweet, funny one liner</h4>
Not sure what to put in the about me section? Try a short funny one liner. There isn't much room to start writing a whole novel in there, so focus on being as catchy as possible as quickly as possible.
<h4>4. About Tip #2: If you are tall, use it to your advantage</h4>
Are you 6' or taller? Put that in your profile. One problem with Tinder is the lack of a height data field. The reality is <a title="Does Height Matter?" href="/articles/view/does-height-matter/">height matters</a>, and being tall helps considerably when it comes to online dating. Make sure if you are tall, women know about it. Otherwise, you are missing out on a lot of potential matches. On the flip side, if you aren't tall, you don't need to advertise you are short, but I would not recommend lying to try to get more matches. See point #1: lying about your appearance will get you more matches and more dates, but they will also probably be wastes of time.
<h4>5. Meet as fast as possible</h4>
This is standard online dating advice. Do not shoot the shit for hours on end until you meet. Granted, with Tinder, since there is so little information before meeting, it may take more than a message or two to arrange a meet, but it should not take that long. When you have them on the line either on chat, got their real number, or on the phone, don't hesitate to just suggest meeting up. The whole point of the app is to meet people!

There's a lot more to Tinder than these simple tips, but they are a start. Check back for more Tinder tips and tricks in the coming weeks!

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