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/ 5 Tips to get Noticed Online

Here are 5 simple tricks to increase your profile views.

One of the biggest challenges in online dating is getting noticed. Getting noticed is an involved process that first and foremost requires a great profile. (To learn about the “holy grail of profiles” and tons more about online dating, check out <a href="" target="_blank">Sway Seduction</a>) However here are 5 easy tricks to get your profile more views and more attention that require almost no effort on your part and will noticeably increase the number of women who view your profile.

<strong>(1)</strong>    <strong>Change your main picture often</strong> – changing your main picture makes your profile appear fresh. Women who may have skipped by you with your last picture might suddenly notice you with a new picture. Also, some dating sites indicate when a profile has been updated which is another great way to get more attention.

<strong>(2)</strong>    <strong>Update your profile often</strong> – these updates can be as simple as adding a space or removing a blank line or changing a word or two. The idea is for your profile to be marked as “updated”, an option on some dating sites. Women often view updated or new profiles first, assuming that they had already viewed the older ones.

<strong>(3)</strong>    <strong>Recreate your profile</strong> – this technique is somewhat tedious, but for sites that do not show an “updated” flag, you can cancel and create your profile again which should then make it appear as a new profile. New profiles get much more hits than ones that have been on the site for a while for obvious reasons.

<strong>(4) </strong>   <strong>Stay online often</strong> – staying logged in is one of the easiest ways to get noticed more often. It is extremely common for women to search for men who are “online now” or search for men sorted by “activity date” in order to filter out stale profiles; profiles of those men who haven’t been online in ages. Always being online increases the likelihood you will be noticed. Staying logged in is pretty easy; it can be done on some sites via their mobile app, or if you work with a computer, simply keep the dating site window open on your web browser.

<strong>(5) </strong>   <strong>Change around fields in your profile</strong> – making small changes in various fields in your profile will change around both the set of women who are “pushed” your profile by the dating site and will change around the women who view you by virtue of different women searching for different criteria.

These 5 tips are just a few of the many ways you can get more views and more dates from online dating. If you find your profile is growing stagnant and that you aren’t receiving the number of views and/or messages you are accustomed to; try these simple tricks and see if they help. If you want to learn more about online dating, keep checking the site for more tips and tricks on online dating or check out my e-book, <a href="">Sway Seduction</a>.

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