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/ 5 Ways To Instantly Turn Her From Neutral To On

Certain skills are highly effective in seducing women. If you have them, use them!

Women's interest level generally falls into three categories from the very early going of an interaction:

a. Not Interested
b. Neutral
c. Interested

To be successful with women, you need them to somehow end up in the (c) camp. This is hard to do if they start at (a), but if they start at (b) (and of course if they are already at (c) it is very doable. Much of the advice on this site is dedicated to working on women in the (b) and (c) camp. In this article, I want to show you 5 ways to get her from (b) to (c) extremely quickly. Not all of these techniques work on all women, but I have personally used every one o these techniques more than once with good success.

<h4>1. Musical Instruments</h4>

I cannot even begin to count how many women I have swayed from neutral on me to extremely interested in a matter of minutes by playing an instrument for them. Whether it was piano or guitar, I have seen countless women go from "eh" to "I want you so bad right now" in, literally, minutes. It isn't easy to pick up an instrument if you haven't been doing it for a while (though guitar is not too difficult), but if you have this skill, do not let it go to waste and do not hesitate to use it at every available opportunity!

<h4>2. Good Kissing</h4>

Often, a woman has to be a little above neutral on you to consider kissing you, but contrary to popular belief, not that much more at all. Hell, some women will make out with you even if they are not particularly interested. If you are a good kisser, you can really sway women who are in the neutral camp and move them firmly into the interested camp very quickly. This isn't meant to be a kissing guide, but from my experience (as someone who receives constant compliments about how good a kisser I am), kissing is one of the few areas of courtship and seduction where not being too assertive and being reactionary to her is valuable.

<h4>3. Career Success / Wealth</h4>

It is what it is: women are attracted to power, and being successful in your career and/or having wealth is highly correlated to the latter. I have seen women go from neutral to very interested when they learned I was successful in my career, and I have seen this occur many many times with other men who women went from being disgusted by to being totally attracted to due to wealth. Don't be a douchebag about it, but if you have wealth, use it to your advantage!

<h4>4. "Harvard"</h4>

It doesn't have to be Harvard, but if you went to a top top college, you can sway a lot of women from the neutral camp. Being smart stops being nerdy and lame in high school; as you get older it only becomes more and more attractive to women. You can quickly turn a woman from neutral to hot for you by quickly demonstrating at the very least the perception of high intelligence.

<h4>5. Competition From Other Women</h4>

Women are more competitive than they seem. You can use this to your advantage by making women interested for the mere fact that other women are interested. I have seen women's interest in me shift dramatically once they saw another woman was interested, and I have observed this behavior while going out many times. It can never hurt to have women around who are interested in you, and it can also sometimes quickly make a girl go from neutral to interested.

<h4>There's More To It</h4>

I recognize that not everyone out there can capitalize on any of these 5 tools. To those I will say this: "There's more to it." Getting women isn't just about being a rich musician who went to Harvard. The point of this article was to show you how to use certain traits to get results very quickly. You do not need to have any of these 5 things going on in your life to be successful with women, but if you have any of them, USE THEM!

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