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Have a great date but can't see her for a while due to travel? Here are 5 ways to keep her interested.

One of the most challenging aspects of dating is what do you do if you hit it off with someone but won't be able to see them for a while (say two weeks or more)? This has always been a difficult thing for me to do (and one reason my approach to dating has always been to get as much as I can as quickly as I can); however, I have been traveling too much lately to allow the a week or two without seeing someone cause everything to fizzle out and die.

Here are 5 ways I have used to successfully keep things alive with women I am interested in without actually seeing them. Note that these are suggestions for when a large time gap is unavoidable. If you are into a girl and she seems into you, get her out again quickly.

<h4>1. Make sure you can contact her</h4>

In order to keep things alive, you need to be able to contact her. This is crucial. A good starting point, particularly if you are traveling abroad and may have limited cell phone usage (to text/call), is to get an e-mail or e-mail like form of contact before going. This will make it easier for you to keep in touch and also give you added flexibility in terms of sending pictures, telling funny stories, or forwarding other interesting things you may find on the web just to stay on the radar.

<h4>2. Text her pictures</h4>

If you are traveling, a really good idea is to text a picture of something from where you are. If you are near a beach, text her a picture of the beach. If you are near a world famous landmark, text a picture of it. You don't need a picture of yourself (actually, I would send a picture of yourself), just a picture that has some meaning or evokes some memory or emotion (such as going to the beach when it is snowing back home). The goal is simply to stay on her radar, and this is a very easy way to do that.

Another great use of pictures is to text her a picture of a funny 'gift' you were "thinking of getting her". Be sure you pick something that is obviously a joke as getting gifts really early in courtship generally comes off as way too needy. Joking about it; however, is not.

<h4>3. Share a funny story</h4>

Staying on the radar is important, but constantly keeping in touch with someone (if you are the one initiating) when you are on vacation or at work sends a bit too much of a neediness/over-eagerness message. If you are going to keep in touch, share something interesting, especially if it is funny. No one cares that you just had a burger for dinner. People care if you went to get a burger but the place was closed down for a midget tossing competition.

<h4>4. Don't contact her often</h4>

One big mistake men make when they are away from a girl for a while is contacting her often. Stick to once every 3-4 days if that, no more. If she initiates with you, great, respond, even if it is every day. However, if you are the one always initiating, pace yourself. Remember, you went away for a purpose. If all you are thinking about is her and you show it, she will start to wonder a bit about you. (Is your vacation so boring all you are thinking about is texting me? Are you a boring person?)

<h4>5. Make a plan for when you get back</h4>

Don't always wait until you get back to start making plans. Think about making plans a couple days before you return for when you return. As I mentioned earlier in the article, the ideal scenario is to avoid a large time gap to begin with, so make sure you shrink the time gap as much as possible by making plans for shortly after you return.

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