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If you get stuck in conversation, try getting on these 6 topics.

Can you start a conversation with women but don't know where to go from there? Do you struggle to get past the usual exchange of banal pleasantries such as "what do you do for a living?", "where do you live?", or "what's your name?". Here are six conversation topics that can help you keep her engaged. But remember, conversation should flow freely and not feel like an interview. No rules, notes, or formulas are a substitute for proper <a title="The 3 C’s of Pickup: Calibration" href="/articles/view/the-3-cs-of-pickup-calibration/">calibration</a>.
<h4>1. Travel</h4>
Most people really love to travel which makes it a very easy conversation topic. Ask her what her favorite vacation spot was and why she liked it so much. Even if you don't travel much it doesn't mean you can't relate the place she talks about to somewhere you have been, or to an experience you had. Regardless, just getting her talking about an enjoyable experience is a positive: it will get her to associate the memory with you.
<h4>2. Food</h4>
While it may seem that a lot of women are allergic to food, that is hardly the case. The success of TV shows such as Top Chef and the countless food blogs out there should tell you that food is not only big business, but a source of big enjoyment. Ask her about the last interesting restaurant she went to and why she liked it so much.
<h4>3. Her hobbies</h4>
Experiences make great conversation topics, so why not talk about an experience that she enjoys so much she makes a hobby out of it? Does she paint? Play an instrument? Cook? No matter what it is, if she chooses to do it, she probably enjoys it, so talk about it!
<h4>4. Your hobbies</h4>
Men commonly think that they should always be asking questions and getting her to talk. This is a good strategy if you have nothing to talk about or don't know what to say, but an attractive conversation involves both people contributing both questions and information. If a girl is talking to you, she wants to learn more about you, not just tell you about herself. Bring up the things you are passionate about and talk about them! It should be an easy topic for you.
<h4>5. Venue Observations</h4>
Take a look around the venue. Is there an unusual couple? A guy acting strangely? Weird decor? Talk about it! Ask her if she thinks the awkward couple nearby is on a first date and how you think they met. Make fun of some unusual decor at the venue. For example, at those places that decorate their walls with random junk from the 1950s, suggest that they bought the wall behind you from a garage sale run by your grandmother.
<h4>6. The Future</h4>
Everyone likes to dream, especially women. Indulge their dreams by asking them about their future. Don't be afraid to share your aspirations as well; women are very attracted to ambitious men.
No conversation is the same, and rules will only get you so far. However, having a plan rarely hurt anybody. If you find yourself running out of steam, get on one of these six conversation topics while you figure out your next move.

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