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/ 6 Easy Ways To Kino

Here are 6 easy ways to do the "kino" thing.

"Kino" is simply short hand for playful touching or physical contact. It is one of the most vital skills you will need if you want to be successful with women. Women respond to body language: touch in particular, like nothing else. But how exactly do you "kino"? There are many "tricks" and "games" that can be used to instigate some touching; for example, palm reading games. In general, I find these techniques contrived and unnatural. They are also usually unnecessary. Kino is easy! Here are 6 easy ways to seamlessly integrate "kino" into your dates and/or interactions with women.
<h5>1. Touch her upper arm as you start a line of conversation</h5>
One of the easiest ways to kino is to firmly touch (almost grabbing) her upper arm as you begin a new line of conversation. This is a go-to move of mine. It is easy, non-sexual, and completely normal behavior which will not creep anyone out. More specifically, imagine you were talking about music and you were suddenly reminded of a great concert you went to. Instead of saying: "Oh that reminds me of this great concert..." build some emphasis by touching her on the upper arm as described while you start with "Oh that reminds me..."
<h5>2. Touch the small of her back if you are walking behind her</h5>
Are you leaving a venue to go somewhere else, or simply walking down the street? Don't be afraid to touch her lower back. You don't have to wrap your arm around her, just a simple open hand on the small of her back can work wonders. It is also a great way to feel her out (no pun intended) and assess her interest level in you.
<h5>3. Touch her thigh as you start a line of conversation</h5>
Sometimes, touching the upper arm as in point 1 requires an unnatural reach. This usually occurs if you are leaning back (or if she is). In that case, use the exact same strategy as in point 1 but instead of touching her upper arm, touch her thigh. Don't touch too high on her thigh, just slightly above the knee to start.
<h5>. Hold her hand if you are leading her somewhere</h5>
If you are leading her somewhere, for instance to another venue, or to your table for dinner, lead her by the hand. You don't have to hold it the whole way, simply grab her hand as you say: "this way" or something similar. As in point 1, combining kino with a statement (in particular a "gentle command") is a good way to make the physical contact seem incidental and non-threatening. You don't want her putting her guard up just yet!
<h5>5. If she comments on a physical feature, maneuver her to accentuate it</h5>
If the woman you are engaging mentions how long her hair is, reach for it while you say something like: "oh yeah? let me see!" Does she say she has a really nice butt? Lead her up from her seat by the hand and ask for proof. She mention her earrings? Turn her head gently to the side to take a look. Once again, combining kino with words or as part of a logical action makes it all much easier.
<h5>6. Warm her</h5>
Is she cold? If you are adjacent to her, don't hesitate to bring her into you with your arm over her shoulder and rub her upper arm. This is an easy one as she often won't bring up that she is cold if she is next to you unless she wants you to do something like I described above.
There are many other ways to easily inject kino into an interaction; these 6 methods are just a start but they highlight an important theme you should be taking away from this article: combining kino with another action, or making it incidental to another action is a useful low risk tool to get her comfortable with touch.

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