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/ 6 Misleading Indicators of Interest (IOIs)

Here are 6 misleading indicators of interest. Don't assume any of the below are true signs of interest.

One of the biggest challenges us men have when it comes to women is figuring out what they are thinking. Gauging their interest level is a difficult process that takes a lifetime to master. Furthermore, often, we let our feelings, emotions, and desires cloud our judgement preventing us from objectively analyzing the situation.

Unfortunately, as we wrote about in our<a href=""> 3 C's of Pickup: Calibration article</a>, being able to read the lay of the land is crucial to being successful with women. In this article, I am going to talk about many 'misleading' indicators of interest. These are signs that many men often mistake as signs of interest when in fact, they are usually indicators with zero significance, or perhaps negative implications!

(Wondering what are some common "good" <a class="glossary-ioi" href="#">IOIs</a>? Read our article: <a href="">6 Common Indicators of Interest</a>.)
<h5>1. She is talkative</h5>
It is very important to recognize that a woman being talkative is not necessarily a sign of interest. A much better indicator, that I wrote about in the 6 Common Indicators of Interest article, is a noticeable INCREASE in how chatty she is. Many IOIs (indicators of interest) follow this pattern: they are all about the CHANGE in her behavior, and not the behavior itself.
<h5>2. She says she had a good time</h5>
Guys, this is common to say after just about any date. It is NOT an indicator of interest. Don't get me wrong, a girl can say this and be interested, but her saying this is not a sign of her interest. It means virtually nothing.
<h5>3. Saying talk to you soon, or "sure, let's hang out again" if you suggest it</h5>
Similar to point number 3, this is one of those "just being polite" actions that she will likely say no matter what. It is very commonplace when we are really into someone to try to interpret everything as an IOI. This (and point 2.) are both too common on every date to be considered IOIs.
<h5>4. Hugs at the beginning or end of a date</h5>
Hugs generally don't mean anything. They almost certainly don't mean anything at the beginning or end of a date. Hugging is a standard way to "say hi" and to "say goodbye". Do not read into a hug, no matter how bad you want to.
<h5>5. Giving you her number</h5>
In some situations, this is an indicator of interest, but the reason this one is here is because too many guys get caught up trying to get numbers and assume that if a girl gives it to them, it means she is definitely interested. Sorry, this is simply not the case in many, if not MOST situations. A lot of women give their number to get rid of a guy, or because it is awkward to say no. There's a lot to be said about getting numbers which I will talk about in future articles, so check back here soon.
<h5>6. Complimenting you</h5>
Note that complimenting can be an indicator of interest, but again, it is something that is simply too common on dates and in general interaction to hold much value. Don't get caught up in compliments, though one good test is if you say something self deprecating and she turns it into a compliment. I actually wrote about this in our article,<a href=""> 6 Ways To Gauge Her Interest</a>.

As with all my "Lists of 6", there are many more misleading indicators, but I think this list is a good start. Remember, always try to be as objective as possible when assessing a woman's interest level. Don't let your emotions mislead you.

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