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/ 7 Online Dating Profiles To Avoid

Avoid pursuing women with these 7 red flags in their profile.

A common myth that is spread around about online dating is that women do online dating for "self validation" and to give themselves an "ego boost". This is complete and utter nonsense that is really spread by men trying to give themselves an "ego boost" by rationalizing why they could not get the woman they want online. (Most likely, it is because they are making many dating mistakes. <strong>To learn how to do online dating right, <a href="">click here</a></strong>). With that said, there are several types of profiles and red flags within profiles that I do advise you not even bother with. I cover 6 of these types of women here.
<h4>1. Women with overly long lists of what they are looking for</h4>
A woman with a three paragraph list of what they are looking for in a man, especially lists written in a negative light, are generally not worth your effort. These women generally think they are god's gift to the world and will be a real pain in the ass on a date even if you get them on a date. The two exceptions are if they contact you first <strong>(a woman who reaches out to you is always worth pursuing if you are interested in her</strong>) and/or if you are much better looking than her. Otherwise, simply avoid these women, they are way more trouble than they are worth.
<h4>2. Women who are "seeing someone"</h4>
This is mostly an okCupid phenomenon as that option (rightfully) does not exist on most other dating sites. Well, as I hinted at, this option shouldn't exist. The seeing someone profiles are a total waste of time unless they reach out to you first. Even if you think you fit whatever fetish or other criteria this "happily married or happily with a boyfriend" girl wants, you are likely not going to get anywhere unless she reaches out to you first.
<h4>3. Women who write with a lot of caps and memes</h4>
CAPS LOCKS and MEMES and WriTInG LikE dis iz a gr8t sign u shld avoid. Seriously, these women, especially if they are in their 20s or older are usually extremely immature and low class, not to mention likely extremely painful to communicate with. If you are just looking for quick sex and they reach out to you or you get a response that indicates they may be down, go for it, but avoid spending any effort on profiles like this.
<h4>4. Women that look really slutty in their profile and pictures</h4>
The reality is that if you do online dating right, many (perhaps even most) women, if they are interested in you, will sleep with you really early on (first date). This even includes women who say they are not looking for a quick fling (how they say it is important, discussed more later). Unfortunately, most men do not get this so they focus on the slutty looking girl. The end result? The slutty looking girl is getting 10000x the attention of the regular girl despite being no more likely to put out than the regular girl. <strong>Don't bother going for the slutty girl</strong> when you can just go for an equally attractive women who doesn't get nearly as much attention.
<h4>5. Women who write entire paragraphs about not wanting one night stands</h4>
As I mentioned above, women who say they are not looking for a quick fling still readily have sex on a first date or at least very early on. There isn't much reason to go for these kind of women if all you want is a one night stand but more because it is just hurtful to them as opposed to it being any more difficult. However, there is a particular type of woman in this camp you should avoid. This woman is the one who <strong>harps</strong> on the topic. Here is the difference:

<em>a. "Btw, I'm not just looking for a quick fling."</em> This is normal and you can more or less ignore it versus...
<em>b. "And guys, I am not looking for a one night stand. I can get that easily if I wanted it. I am here for a REAL relationship. I don't know why all you guys think I am just going to spread my legs for you on the first date, seriously, that is just gross. Don't waste your time and mine because you are never going to get it."</em>

<strong>AVOID (b) at all costs</strong>. Hell, avoid (b) even if you want a relationship with the person and are willing to take your time. (Though <a href="/articles/view/taking-it-slow-is-a-bad-strategy/">read here</a> why moving slow is a bad idea no matter what your goal is.)
<h4>6. Women with no pictures</h4>
While there is a chance for a diamond in the rough and they should be easy to get out as they get no attention, in general, the lack of attention is deserved. Don't bother wasting your time with girls who do not show pictures. They are almost always trying to hide something or aren't really serious enough to even bother putting up a picture. Both are not worth spending time on.
<h4>7. Women with no profile / no activity</h4>
If a woman's profile is empty, chances are she is barely ever online or isn't taking it seriously. Don't bother wasting time on these women unless they contact you first. The same goes for women who were last online 12 years ago. Don't bother.

As you become more experienced with online dating you will better learn how to find out which profiles yield you the best results and which do not. However, I think you will find these 7 rules to be more or less universal. Online dating is great, but it's even better when you don't waste time when you can easily avoid it.

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