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/ 6 Strong Indicators of Interest (IOIs) You Can't Miss

Don't let insecurity or self doubt get in the way of misinterpreting these very strong IOIs.

In the past, I have written about <a href="/articles/view/6-common-indicators-of-interest/">6 common indicators of interest</a>. In this article I want to cover 6 STRONG indicators of interest. These are the IOIs that you simply cannot afford to miss. They are the IOIs that tell you to go from talking about comedies and that shitty Green Day album you loved in the 4th grade to talking about when and how you are getting back to your place and your bedroom. (<a href="/articles/view/6-tricks-to-get-her-back-to-your-place/">Read 6 ways to do that here</a>). Surprisingly, despite how obvious these IOIs may seem, in the heat of the moment, with nervousness and adrenaline coming into play, they are often missed. Don't miss these 6 signs ever again.
<h5>1. She holds/rubs your arm or leg extensively</h5>
Any kind of physical contact other than a slap in the face is an indicator of interest, but if she is holding on to you for an extended period of time. if her hand is basically glued to your thigh, or her hand seems permanently wrapped around your arm, the indication is 10x as strong as a simple touch. If you end up in this situation you should be thinking about how you can escalate and how you can leave the venue and go somewhere else where you can get more intimate.
<h5>2. She rubs/touches your crotch</h5>
Ask for the check and have your card out or exact change the second this happens, because this is is more or less the universal symbol for "let's get out of here and have sex". Don't delay if you get this sign: calmly suggest "getting out of here" within a few minutes of an obvious touch/rub or your crotch.
<h5>3. She compliments your physical appearance with words such as "sexy", "hot", or "gorgeous".</h5>
Women will often throw you compliments, but not all compliments are created equal. When women compliment your physical appearance, in particular using words such as "sexy" and "hot", they are sending you a message that they are not only sexually attracted to you, but actively THINKING about the sexual attraction they feel. Take advantage of this situation. I've also included the word "gorgeous" even though it is often non-sexual only because of the sheer magnitude of the compliment. When you say someone looks good, you are calling them an "8". When you are saying someone is "gorgeous", you are calling them a "10". If you get called a "10" by a girl, that's a really strong IOI.
<h5>4. She talks very close to your face</h5>
When a woman wants a kiss, she will rarely just go for it. Usually, she will start talking really close. Now, there are varying degrees of close. I'm not talking about how your grandmother is a close talker, I'm talking about the kind of close talking that if it were a dude doing it you would shove him off of your or deck him in the face!
<h5>5. She suggests going somewhere else</h5>
Usually women will wait for you to suggest taking things elsewhere; however, if she suggests it, things are looking up. In this situation you should try to transition so that the "somewhere else" is one of your homes. One way to do that is to say: "Sure...what did you have in mind? Want to [some non-sexual activity] at my place?". Why non sexual? The key is "plausible deniability." There's no upside and a lot of downside to being too bold and just proposing sex when you can accomplish the same result without taking the risk you misinterpreted her signals.
<h5>6. "What are you doing now" + other signs of interest</h5>
If you get the "What are you doing now" when a date or night is winding to a close in addition to other signs of interest (such as touching etc.) you should interpret it as a sign she wants to hang out more (and do more than hang out!). Don't just assume this is a meaningless statement because it is actually a very strong indicator of interest.
The 6 signs above are "strong IOIs", strong indicators of interest that if you get them, it's time to make a move. They seem obvious, but many men ignore these signals all the time, or fail to recognize the magnitude of interest they show.

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