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/ 6 Ways to Gauge Her Interest

Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is into you. Use these 6 "tests" to find out.

<h4>Gauging her Interest</h4>
Gauging a girls interest is often a difficult thing to do. Women do not often show their interest in obvious ways which is why it is important to learn how to identify subtle signs of interest. We wrote about some of these common indicators in our <a href="">6 common indicators of interest article</a>; however, sometimes an even better way to gauge interest is to actively try to elicit an indicator of interest (or disinterest). There are many techniques for determining interest; however, I find a lot of them to be too "obvious" and very forced. Here are some subtle ways to see if she is really into you without her feeling like she is being tested.
<h4>6 Ways to Gauge Her Interest</h4>
<h5>1. Touch her</h5>
Touch her hand, the top of her arm, the small of her back. Any (appropriate!) touch on a date or during a conversation is one of the best ways to gauge her interest. Is she receptive to your touch, or does she pull away? Does she get even closer or reciprocate your touch? From our 6 common indicators of interest article, you should know that if she is receptive and especially if she reciprocates touch she is likely interested.
<h5>2. Call her out if she accidentally insults you</h5>
Another way to elicit a touch is to call her out in a joking matter if she says anything to you that can possibly be construed as insulting or offensive. This technique also works if she says anything slightly politically incorrect or offensive in general. Pretend to be very offended in a loud joking manner. If she is interested, often times she will get close and touch you (usually she will grab your arm/shoulder and lean in) and apologize. If she simply apologizes and doesn't move closer, grab your arm, or hug you, it isn't a great sign.
<h5>3. Lean or move away from her</h5>
If a woman is interested, she will generally want to be physically close to you. One good way to test her is to lean or move away from her and see how she responds. If she follows you, that is a good sign. If she seems relieved, that is obviously a bad sign. You do not even have to move a lot; sometimes just repositioning your body such that more of your body is now further away from her is enough.
<h5>4. If she goes to the bathroom with her bag say:</h5>
"Don't worry, you can leave your bag, I'm only going to steal the good stuff in there." or something along those lines. In general if she leaves her bag while going to the bathroom that is a good sign; if you let her know it's ok to do so and she goes along, she is likely comfortable with you.
<h5>5. Make a self deprecating joke</h5>
Don't go overboard with self deprecating humor, but her reaction to a self deprecating joke can be a valuable insight to her interest level. Often times, if she is interested, she will try to spin what you said as a good thing or touch you/hug you with an "awww". For example, say something like: "I was too busy studying for AP tests to smoke weed in high school ...., yep, I was a huge nerd." and see how she responds. If she comments on how she likes nerds or how "that's good that you are smart" etc. you are doing well. If she just laughs and doesn't lean in or touch you, you may need to attract her a little more.
<h5>6. Say: "For some reason I'm really full of energy tonight"</h5>
Obviously, this has to be applicable to the circumstance, but one good gauge of interest is to subtly test whether or not she is up for a long evening. If you suggest you have a lot of energy and she is interested in continuing the night, she will likely respond in kind. If she keeps bringing up how she is tired then you may have your work cut out for you!

As usual with these lists, there are many more ways to do things and none of these tests are fool proof. For example, sometimes a girl might act really tired but be ready to head back to your place for a "nap". Other times a girl will not reciprocate touch but ram her tongue down your throat at the end of a date. In other words, dating and courtship are not exact sciences, but with that said, try these techniques next time you are out with a girl and can't tell if she is into you or not!

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