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/ 7 Dating Hacks For Your First Date

Use these subtle tips to improve your first date experience

A major struggle for many men is getting dates. Naturally, one solution is to get more dates. This is easy to do using the internet. But it isn't the only solution. Another solution is making your dates count. In this article I'm going to cover 7 stealth hacks you can use to significantly increase your chances of success on a date.

<h3>1. Sit next to her</h3>

Whether you are at a bar or going to dinner, try to sit next to your date. This can mean sitting side by side or sitting in an 'L-shape'. As you probably know, being able to touch your date is crucial to success, and it's much easier to touch your date when you are sitting next to her. If for some reason you can't avoid sitting across from her (this occasionally happens if she arrives first and chooses poor seating), check out hack #2

<h3>2. Show her something</h3>

Sitting across from her but you want to sit close to her. In general, if there is chemistry you can just go over there, but it's easier to have an excuse. The easiest excuse is to 'show her something' on your phone. Instead of turning it around for her to see, just go sit by her and say check this out. It can be a funny youtube you were reminded of by her conversation, some pictures from a recent trip, or a ridiculous text message from your mom. What it is doesn't matter, it's just an excuse to remedy the situation if you didn't follow Hack #1.

<h3>3. Show your bling</h3>

Wearing a nice watch you want to use as a DHV? (Read about watches <a href="/articles/view/the-josh-sway-watch-guide-part-1-introduction/" title="The Josh Sway Watch Guide: Part 1, Introduction">here</a> and <a href="/articles/view/high-end-sway-luxury-watch-brand-rankings/" title="High End Sway: Luxury Watch Brand Rankings">here</a>) Try to arrange for your date to sit to your left (if you wear your watch on your left). It's a small but subtle hack that can help you <g>DHV</g> without having to say anything. While using money to get girls isn't the best strategy, demonstrating wealth can allow you to get girls without having to actually use any wealth.

<h3>4. Use the bathroom strategically</h3>

If you gotta go, you gotta go, but try to use your bathroom breaks strategically. If you have to take a piss but the conversation is going really well, don't interrupt, hold it for a bit. Similarly, going to the bathroom is a really powerful way to break up a potential lull in the conversation. Running out of things to say? Get up and go to the bathroom. That will give you time to think about a conversation thread and it will also break what was a boring conversation or a conversation trending that way.

<h3>5. Have a funny story ready</h3>

If you have a problem improvising and being humorous, have a funny story ready for when you arrive. It's best if it's a recent even that happened to you. A great way to break the ice and get a date started on the right foot is with humor. It's also very easy to get into a story of a recent event right away. Simply bring it up when she asks how are you or how was your day which happens at about 99% of dates.

<h3>6. Know the drinks and recommend one</h3>

Not everyone wants to make their own decisions all the time; sometimes women will be looking to you to decide things. TVJ wrote an <a href="/articles/view/are-you-a-social-producer/" title="Are You a Social Producer?">excellent piece on being a social producer</a>. Knowing the drink list at your local date spot is a great way to contribute to your dates enjoyment. When she looks over the list before ordering, offer a recommendation or two. This won't come off as bossy, it'll come off as confident, knowledgeable, and assertive. All good traits you can help demonstrate with this very simple hack.

<h3>7. Compliment something small</h3>

Compliments are cliche and while they don't usually hurt, they aren't going to get you anywhere. For example, telling a girl she looks great isn't particularly useful and doesn't really demonstrate any value on your part. However, if you compliment her about a small thing, it can work in your favor. A classic example is complimenting her nails if you notice they are a non traditional color. Complimenting small jewelry such as earrings also goes a long way to demonstrate you are observant and paying attention.

<h3>It takes more than just hacks</h3>

These 7 simple hacks are little tips that will help you optimize your dating skill. But at the end of the day, they are just a few hacks. You should be sure you are focusing on other critical keys to successful dating, like making eye contact and touching your date appropriately. Also, a big part of successful dates starts before the date even begins. For example, asking girls out properly, picking a good venue, and paying attention to logistics. Play on.

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