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/ 7 Dating Myths

Avoiding these 7 dating myths will make you more successful with women.

If I wanted to, I could probably have made this article 700 common dating myths, because I can tell you from well over a decade of dating experience with hundreds if not thousands of women that the amount of misinformation out there regarding dating is massive. The myths I want to discuss here are myths related to specific date ideas.
<h4>1. Creative dates are the best dates</h4>
I call this the "creative date fallacy" which I will write about in more detail at a later date. Creative dates have become a way for men to hide insecurity and/or the fact that they are uninteresting. The reality is the key to dating is making your date have a good time due to YOU, not due to some fun activity you are doing together.
<h4>2. Short "get to know you" dates are good dates</h4>
Even worse than creative dates are short "get to you know" dates like coffee during the day. The major flaw here is lack of investment on the woman's part. Women (and men) put in more effort if they invest. You must make your date invest some effort in meeting you otherwise they are less likely to put in the effort to get to know you and like you.
<h4>3. Dates during the day time make for good dates</h4>
As with #3, day dates are generally terrible ideas. I published an article looking at this in detail (<a href="">6 Reasons Day Dates are a bad idea</a>) but the gist of it is that they generally have an extremely platonic and unromantic vibe, plus they are usually heavily correlated to lack of investment.
<h4>4. Inviting a girl over for a date too soon is a bad idea</h4>
Taking it slow is a terrible idea in general, and thus so is holding back on inviting a girl over (or going over to her place). The best dates, by far, are those that take place in the privacy of one of your homes. And I don't mean just because sex is more likely. There is much more comfort in private and much less distractions. It can not only be romantic, but it can also be way more real than a date in public.
<h4>5. A Dinner date is a bad idea</h4>
Dinner being a bad date idea is something that is mostly 'seduction community' oriented advice. I disagree with it. Unless money is an issue, dinner makes a great date. Women have to 'invest' on a dinner date which as I mentioned already, leads to more effort on their part. Furthermore, dinner allows for conversation, eye contact, and depending on the place, also physical contact. It is also romantic. There is some risk of being viewed too much as 'boyfriend' material which makes women inexplicably hold back on sex "because they really like you" (btw, if any women are reading this, DO NOT EVER SAY THIS TO A GUY EVEN IF IT'S TRUE) but if you escalate properly you can avoid this for the most part.
<h4>6. A movie date is a good idea</h4>
Unless you are renting a movie at your place, going to the movies is a pretty crappy date. While you can touch each other, you can't do much else, like, you know, talk, during a movie. Save the movies for girlfriends, guy friends, or later dates once attraction has been established.
<h4>7. Dates with friends are a good idea</h4>
If you are romantically interested in a woman, be alone with her! Going on a double date/etc. before attraction has been established is a highly risky move that usually ends up badly. Note, the exception is if you are being set up by a couple. However, in general, there's no reason to impose added pressure on you and your date by adding another couple into the mix.

There's a lot more to dating than what you do for the date, but avoiding some common pitfalls is a good first step.

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