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/ 7 Online Dating Myths

Don't let these 7 myths dissuade you from doing online dating.

Despite there being hundreds of millions of participants in online dating world wide, it still gets a negative reputation for some reason. Perhaps it is the notion that technology is impersonal or that it feels like "cheating." Whatever the reason, online dating gets a very undeserved bad rap. I personally think online dating, for many people, in many situations, and in many locations is by far the BEST way to meet women (or if you are woman, to meet men for that matter). There are numerous reasons for this I covered in my "<a href="">9 Reasons To Do Online Dating</a>" article. In this article I want to debunk some of the ridiculous myths about online dating that may be preventing you from finding the woman (or women!) of your dreams.

<h5>1. There are only ugly desperate girls online</h5> This is perhaps the most absurd myth of them all. I am not about to violate online daters' privacy but let's just say there are countless beautiful women, including models online, and even famous celebrities have done online dating. Seriously, this myth is laughable and isn't even worth me spending another word on it.

<h5>2. Hot women only do online dating for an ego boost</h5> Yet another ridiculous myth generally perpetuated by men who have no success online. First of all, the most popular dating site, is a pay for membership site. It would be pretty absurd to think that women pay money to join a dating site just to get some sort of self validation they could easily get by just walking down the street in front of a construction site. There is some amount of 'spam' profiles on free dating sites, but in general, by far most of the women online are there to meet men.

<h5>3. All that matters online is looks</h5> This could not be further from the truth. While looks do help, and some dating sites have search options that allow one to easily browse through just pictures, a catchy headline or catchy profile can work wonders even for average looking men. I know because I am an average looking man, and short too, yet I am bombarded with women who message me FIRST! The bottom line is that while some women will filter by looks, there are SO many women online that there are more than enough who actually click on an interesting headline or opening paragraph and want to learn about more than your looks.

<h5>4. Online dating is too much work</h5> Huh? I can't believe that I even hear this one because it is exactly the opposite. Online you can sit at home in your boxers and contact 50 girls in half an hour on a Tuesday night. There is nothing easier when it comes to meeting women than online dating.

<h5>5. Girls are too picky online because they have so many options</h5> This one seems to make logical sense; there are many men online just as there are many girls. However, most men simply do not have a clue how to online date and this is the real reason they think girls are too picky. Girls do not need a million options, they need a few GOOD options. Focus on becoming one of the good options, which is actually easy online because there are so many bad options. Once you become good at online dating, all the other bad options will only serve to make you look even better and you will see that the many options thing actually works in your favor!

<h5>6. It's much easier to get girls at the bar</h5> I addressed this myth somewhat in my <a href="">article comparing online openers to live openers</a>. It is actually much easier to "get" a girl online, whether it is a kiss, sex, or a relationship. The reason this myth exists is because it is harder to get an initial response online, but a response online, per my previous article, is much more meaningful than a response out at the bar.

<h5>7. Online is for losers</h5> Don't even know where to begin ....

Look, the bottom line is, online dating is a great way to meet women. Do not let these silly myths and more get in your way of at least trying what I promise you, is an amazing way to meet amazing women.

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