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/ 7 Reasons To Text Versus Call

As you guys know, I prefer texting to calling. Here are 7 reasons why.

Many experts suggest that calling a girl is the way to go. While there is nothing wrong with calling, I prefer texting. However, what is more important is not to simply do what I (or someone else) tells you to do, but to understand the pros and cons of each system and how they apply to you. Below are 7 reasons I prefer texting over calling. Some of them may not apply to you, but if many do, you should consider making text your primary mode of communication as opposed to the phone.

<h4>1. Texting is easier</h4>
Let's face it, texting is easier. It is much easier to text someone than it is to call. You will get less nervous, you will spend less time, and you will be able to plan what you want to say without worrying about having to think on the spot. It is simply easier to text.

<h4>2. Texting is also easier for her</h4>
When I say texting is easier, it doesn't just refer to being easier for you, it is also easier for her. I wanted to make this its own point because it is an important one. Many women find texting to be much more convenient than talking on the phone. When you are on the phone for the same reasons as above.

<h4>3. Texting is less intrusive</h4>
One major benefit of texting is that it is not intrusive. If you are a busy person, a phone call is most likely interrupting something you are doing with a 90% probability. Busy women are the same way: if you are calling them, most likely, you are interrupting them. Why be intrusive when you can just text. Yea, a text is a small distraction, but a much less intrusive distraction that can be handled on the spot much more quickly than a call or can be put on the back burner for an hour or two.

<h4>4. If she doesn't pick up...</h4>
One major issue with the phone is that she may not pick up. Actually, often, she will not pick up. Then what do you do? If you leave a message, you are captive to her responding to you so I do not recommend that. But if you keep calling and she keeps not picking up, when do you stop? How many calls that aren't answered is too needy? Is she not answering because she doesn't recognize the number? Does she just not check her messages (if you went that route?) You can avoid all of these uncertainties by simply texting. She saw your text, and she will respond if she wants. There is no uncertainty here.

<h4>5. Cell service/reception issues are minimal with texting</h4>
With calling, you have to worry that not only will you be able to hold a good conversation, but that reception and service issues won't mess up your call. Ever been on one of those calls where every other statement is: "What was that?" or "Sorry, I didn't get that?" Those convos are pretty big turn offs. With texting, you don't have to worry about that happening.

<h4>6. There is no longer a stigma to texting</h4>
There is a common myth out there that "real men call" or that texting is somehow not a legitimate way to ask a girl out/etc. This may have been the case but it is not anymore. Texting is completely legitimate and that includes most age groups. I am in my early 30s and have used texting effectively on women both a fair amount younger and older. Even women who say they want guys to call etc. will still respond positively to texting.

<h4>7. No voice issues</h4>
Do you have an unattractive or weird voice? An accent that makes it harder to understand you on the phone? You can avoid any issues relating to your voice by avoiding the phone. Texting doesn't have voice issues which exposes you to less risk that for some random reason the girl just "isn't feeling it". And yes, that does happen. I have definitely had girls cancel dates on me because they just "weren't feeling it" on the phone. Why take that risk?


Calling works for many people, and it isn't necessarily wrong, but I prefer texting and the 7 reasons above are some of the reasons why.

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