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/ 9 Reasons to do Online Dating

Here are 9 reasons why you should be dating online.

What I am going to tell you is true. If done right, online dating is, by far, the best way to meet interesting and beautiful <a href="/articles/view/how-to-learn-from-women">women</a>. If you master online dating, you will get more numbers, more dates, and more sex than you can possibly imagine.

Think about it. The internet is the most efficient way to find just about anything, so why would finding women on the internet be any different? It isn’t. There are a millions of women online, virtually all of them single, and virtually all of them actively looking for a romantic interest, whether for a quick fling, a long term relationship, or even marriage. The sheer quantity of single women seeking a man online pretty much guarantees that there is not just one, but most likely hundreds if not thousands of beautiful women in your area that are exactly what you are looking for. Numbers is the first of many reasons to do online dating.

(1)    <i>More women to choose from</i> – there are literally hundreds of millions of women doing online dating around the world. Furthermore, all the women available in your area online are available and accessible without having to be out and about at the exact same time as they are.  Online you can initiate with more women, more often, and more regularly than any other method of meeting women.

(2)    <i>You can search for what you want</i> – most good online dating sites let you filter in ways that you simply cannot do in the real world. Want a hot girl, between the ages of 25 and 30, who is at least 5’5” with an athletic and toned or slender build who also has a graduate degree or a PhD? No problem, there are 71 of them online at this very moment (2:40pm on a Sunday!) that live within only five miles of me!

(3)    <i>You have way more information</i> – you can read a woman’s profile and learn about her preferences, her interests, her hobbies, and her personality before even approaching her. This information gives you a HUGE ADVANTAGE over going in virtually blind like in the real world. You already know what she likes, what she dislikes. Imagine how much easier it would be to approach and talk to a girl if you already knew many of her interests ahead of time? A lot easier!

(4)    <i>You can provide way more information</i> – When you approach a woman at a bar, most likely, she is judging you by your looks. What else can she go by? Online, a woman will judge you by the content of your profile which can say more about who you really are than just your appearance.

(5)    <i>You have time to think</i> – Being charming and witty in person requires you to think on your feet, react quickly, have considerable improvisational skills and a high level of confidence. Online, you can often think for hours if not days how to respond to a message. <b>Imagine how much easier it would be to respond to a woman with something witty, clever, and seductive if you had days to think about it??</b>

(6)    <i>You can do it anytime and anywhere</i> – Most night spots are only conducive for meeting attractive single women at specific times of the day. Online dating can be done anytime and anywhere. You don’t even have to get dressed or leave your home! Why wait until Saturday nights to meet women when you can initiate contact with women and potentially arrange meetings virtually any time of the day you are free?

(7)    <i>You can talk to more than one at a time</i> – Only the most advanced pick-up artists are able to attract and seduce multiple women at the same time. Online, women don’t see the other women you are messaging. You can message multiple women and engage in conversation with multiple different potential targets at the same time! Online dating gives the expression “working the room” a whole new meaning!

(8)    <i>Women more aggressively pursue</i> – Armed with proper online dating technique, <b>you will learn how to make women more aggressively pursue you online.</b> How many times do women actually approach you at a bar or a club? Online, women are naturally more inclined to search and message who they are interested in and once you learn how to get their attention, it will happen often.

(9)    <i>You will become a master at dating </i>– The experience you will gain from one on one dates that are typical of online dating will improve your confidence with women, your conversation skills, and your seduction skills more than you can ever imagine<b>.</b>

These reasons are just a few of the reasons why online dating is the best way to meet women in the modern day. However, being able to take advantage of the opportunities online takes knowledge. Check back on the site for more articles about online dating, or for something more comprehensive, you can read more about <a href="">Sway Seduction: Master Online Dating here</a>.

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