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/ Adding Random Girls on Facebook

Stop adding random girls on facebook! Here's why.

<h4>Adding randoms on Facebook is really common
One of the most common questions on "pick up" forums is this: “What do I say to this random girl I added on Facebook.” My answer is usually the same, “Why are you adding random girls on Facebook in the first place?” That’s right, despite being a huge fan of online dating, I find adding random girls on Facebook to be one of the worst ways to seduce women.

<h4>There are much better ways than Facebook to meet women online
Let’s think about this for a second: First of all, there are dozens of online dating sites; sites where women join to specifically meet men. Secondly, there are a few facebook apps which are geared towards random hookups and meeting people. Each of these apps or sites has millions of eligible women who are actively LOOKING FOR MEN. These are really efficient ways to meet women, perhaps the best ways to meet women, and a large part of that is due to the women being explicitly looking to meet people! Thirdly, there are plenty of safety and security reasons why women might be extra cautious communicating with a random person who contacts them out of the blue. Lastly, Facebook is much more of a tool to keep in touch and connect with those one knows, not to meet new people, unless explicitly via a dating app or other type of networking feature on Facebook. But not the +1 ADD AS FRIEND FEATURE!

<h4>It's creepy to randomly Facebook add
Since Facebook has tools to meet random people to date, adding or messaging random people not through this avenue mostly comes off as creepy. Would you flip through the yellow pages and randomly call some woman from it? So why do effectively the same thing with Facebook? Furthermore, it can get you blocked from adding people on Facebook in general, and even if you manage to come off as normal, there are so many barriers to turning a random Facebook communication into a seduction that it’s hardly worth the time or effort.

<h4>3 Questions that are hard to answer</h4>

When you add a random person on Facebook you have to contend with the following inevitable questions, most of which don’t have really good answers.

<h5>1. “Why are you messaging me?”</h5> Good question, because I’m randomly trying to pick up girls on Facebook despite there being a zillion other options for picking up women online where the women are likely to be interested? Good luck with that one. Because you seem interesting and I just want to meet random people? Yeah ok weirdo. Get the point?

<h5>2. “Do I know you?”</h5> No, you don’t, but why don’t you talk to a complete stranger from the internet anyway! Being on Facebook is no longer about meeting people (was it ever?) but about keeping in touch and reconnecting with people you already know.

<h5>3. “I have a boyfriend.”</h5> You may manage to get a random girl interested in talking to you on Facebook but for all you know she is already taken. How to respond to this is also a very common question on forums. The answer is once again, wtf were you doing in the first place!! Do you really think a girl is going to leave her boyfriend for a random guy who messaged her on Facebook? Maybe if that random guy was Channing Tatum or some other famous celebrity.

Now look, can you get laid from a random girl on Facebook? Of course you can. I have done it, and so have others. However, it is an extremely low percentage play that simply isn’t worth the time. Use a dating site or dating app like Hinge or Tinder if you want to meet women through the internet. These tools will be a much more effective use of your time and you won’t have to worry about the three inevitable questions that make randomly messaging strangers on Facebook a poor use of time.

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