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/ Attraction And Comfort Get You Laid, Not "Weird Tricks"

There is no "weird trick" or "secret technique" that will get a beautiful girl in bed with you.

<h4>You've seen the "weird trick" that will get any woman to sleep with you
Most likely, if you are interested in learning how to get better with women, you have come across your fair share of "weird tricks", "secret techniques" that are "so powerful" and "so effective" that whoever you use them on has literally no control over the outcome. Many times, these claims even extend all the way to sex: such and such "weird trick" is so powerful that it will literally have women begging to sleep with you without them even realizing it.

<h4>Sorry, the "weird trick" will not get you laid</h4>

Sadly, as much as you would like to believe it, there is no "weird trick" that is going to suddenly get you laid if you just "apply the technique" on your target woman. Are there "weird tricks" or "secret techniques" to get you on a woman's radar? Absolutely. Are there "weird tricks" or "secret techniques" that will greatly increase your chances of getting a woman's number, or getting her to agree to go out on a date with you, or getting her to open your online dating profile? Absolutely. There are even nice little tricks to greatly increase your chances of getting a kiss or a make-out.

<h4>Nope, not even that powerful seduction "weird trick"</h4>

However, let me repeat, once again, there are NO tricks that are going to get you LAID. The reason products make these claims is because it is what many men, perhaps even you, want to hear. Or I should say. THINK they want to hear, because if there really was such a system or technique to get any girl you want without her having a say in it, good luck keeping your girlfriend from sleeping with the thousands or millions of men who would be learning this technique.

<h4>Many products that make the "weird trick" claim are actually quite good</h4>

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of GREAT products that are worth the money and then some which market themselves as providing a foolproof system to infinite amounts of sex outside a woman's control. However, what these products will not do is get you laid on-demand, with any woman you want. Bad products won't do anything for you. Good products will help significantly increase your chances of getting laid, but no product will get you any girl you want with some "weird trick".

<h4>But how do you actually get laid?</h4>

So, how do you actually go about and get laid? It's actually pretty simple. In order to get a woman to sleep with you, you need her to be attracted to you, and comfortable with you. That's all it takes. Two simple things. Now of course, getting a woman to be attracted to you is not easy. Tons of the articles on this site and others are dedicated to helping you become more attractive. Everything from the words you say, the way you look, your body language, and the things you are doing with your life all come into play when building attraction. Comfort is also not a given; being attracted is not enough, a woman also needs to feel comfortable with you to want to have sex with you, for the most part.

<h4>Use "weird tricks" to help you get closer to the goal
Instead of looking for a "weird trick" or "secret technique" to get you in bed with her; focus on making her attracted to you and comfortable with you. For those two things, there are a lot of "weird tricks" and "secret techniques" to help you out in those areas. There are also a lot of "weird tricks" and "secret techniques" that will greatly help you overcome any issues you have before the attraction phase, such as, how to get her to notice you in the first place, or how to get her to give you her number online, or how to approach a woman. Use the "weird tricks" and "secret techniques" to get you in the door, or advance you forward, but don't expect them to get you laid all on their own, because it is attraction and comfort makes that happen.

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