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Here's how you keep a group of girls interested and engaged with you.

The other day, I was out with a couple friends and when we were leaving our first stop I decided to encourage a group of four girls to join us. They seemed eager to find a better spot to go out and quickly joined our group. Our group being two girls, myself, and one other guy who was about to make something happen with one of the girls in my group. In essence, I was about to be alone entertaining four girls from out of town.

Now ideally, I would have had a <a title="7 Wingman Basics" href="/articles/view/7-wingman-basics/">wingman</a>, or multiple wingmen and then the situation becomes much easier. But that was not the case this time. I was alone and I had to go at it alone.

It was going reasonably well until I made a serious mistake: I never made a choice.
<h4>Multiple girls, one guy isn't sustainable</h4>
Usually, in a multiple on one situation, if a girl is really into the guy, she will make it known and then choosing a woman to go after is easy. However, this does not always happen. In that case, if you do not make a choice you are stuck having to entertain multiple women which at the end of the day, is likely to fail.

This makes sense: if I'm talking to four girls, it's not like I'm about to get a "5-some", and it's not like I can aggressively hit on each of them to see which one goes for it; I have one chance to do that, and if I don't do that I can't really hit on any of them aggressively. In that case, eventually they will view me as too platonic. You know, the guy who is "fun" but isn't really interesting sexually or romantically. Once that happens, I have no chance anymore.
<h4>The solution? Make a choice!</h4>
After eventually failing to accomplish much of anything with these girls, another guy quickly swooped in. He seemed like a decent enough guy and he also played it right: he made his interest known in one of the girls in particular and it worked out for him. That's where my mistake really hit me. There's no guarantee if I would have went after one of them aggressively it would have worked, but it was the right decision either way.

I know it seems tough to "gamble" on one girl. I know it seems like you should want to "keep your options open" but after the beginning stages, if you don't make a choice you will lose out on ALL the options!

So next time you engage a group of multiple women, if they don't choose, you have got to make the choice yourself.

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