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/ Basic Dance Floor Game Concepts

Don't choke on the dance floor -- read these basic concepts instead.

Long before I developed and refined my game, I relied almost exclusively on the dance floor to meet women and get laid. I didn’t really know women or how to seduce them, but I knew a few of the basics: that you have to make a move and that you had to physically escalate. In other words, I at least knew you had to actually try and do something. With that said, what can you do to improve your game at a club, house party, frat party, or bar with dancing involved? Here are basic dance floor game concepts you should know:

1. Approach

Don’t expect to just be dancing around and have women start coming up and grinding on you. For the most part, you are going to need to make the effort to approach women. There are plenty of ways to approach but what is more important than how is that you simply must do it. How can you approach women on the dance floor? There are a few simple ways, one is simply extending your hand out to her, another is doing the butt to butt move (this one is getting overused but it’s still effective and easy for guys with approach anxiety), and yet another is to approach her from the front and simply start dancing with her.

2. Don’t talk too much

Dancing is a physical activity, not a verbal one. As I wrote about here. don’t let verbal diarrhea interfere with the sensual physicality of dancing. It’s ok to say a thing or two in her ear, but there is a good chance you will hurt your chances if you start trying to have a conversation on the dance floor. If you want to talk, build some attraction and sexual tension and then ISOLATE her.

3. Don’t be a creep.

While hyper aggressive creepy dance moves sometimes work, in general, they only work on women who would have been fine if you were not overly aggressive and creepy. What this means is: do not let the fact that creepiness worked in a particular instance convince you that it is effective technique. Most likely, creepiness worked in a particular instance because the girl was desperate or very attracted to you and would have gone for just about any form of game.

4. Groom well

Being well groomed is important for dating in general. This goes without saying. However, at a night club, it is especially important because it is so easy to get sweaty and disgusting. Plan ahead for this inevitability by perhaps having a handkerchief, wearing appropriate clothes that won’t make it super obvious you are soaking in sweat, and make sure you use deodorant. Another sneaky little trick is to rub a small amount of antibiotic ointment or cream in your arm pits which will prevent your sweat from smelling (bacteria is what makes sweat smell bad, not the sweat itself). I wouldn’t overdo this though as who knows what the health implications are of using antibiotics all the time.

5. Don’t just go for the makeout

I wrote about using ‘kiss-denial’ as a technique to increase your odds of actually getting sex on the dance floor. The idea is that going for the makeout too early can sometimes lead women to believe that they "won" or that they "got you" and that in turn causes an easing of the sexual tension. Your goal at the club should be to get much more than a makeout, so don’t use techniques geared at just getting a makeout. Yea, making out is fun, but think about how you can continue to build attraction, isolate, and really close.

6. Don’t dance like an idiot

Don’t be the dancing monkey on the dance floor. There’s a reason the guy with the crazy dance moves is dancing by himself and not with women. Women enjoy watching it but they don’t want to dance with it. The same goes for the guy who masks the fact he cannot dance at all by just going completely crazy. You’ll get some laughs from girls, but you won’t get laid. If you "can’t dance" keep it simple. The dance scene in the movie "Hitch" is a perfect example:

There’s a lot more to dance floor game

Getting girls on the dance floor takes time and practice, but hopefully these 6 basic tips will help you get started!

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