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/ Be Funny, Not Goofy

Being funny is about more than just making people laugh.

While power is the most potent aphrodisiac of all, when it comes to the non-physical, humor is not far behind. Go online and look through a dozen women's online dating profiles. What do they all have in common? A desire for a guy who can "make them laugh". Unfortunately, there is no universal definition of funny. You may think you are hilarious, but making yourself laugh isn't going to make other people laugh necessarily. How to be funny in an attractive way would take way more than an article to describe, but a good starting point is to focus on being <strong>funny</strong> and not <strong>goofy</strong>.
<h4>What is goofy?</h4>
Goofy is pretty hard to describe explicitly, but you know it when you see it. I would describe it as corny humor that is often combined with awkward physical movements and changes in voice tone and inflection. Think Jim Carrey in his older movies, Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, or Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin in Superbad and Red Mist in "Kick-Ass"). These guys may make you laugh, but their humor in movies is goofy and for the most part, highly unattractive, despite being funny.

I'm obviously generalizing, but as a rule, if your humor involves sounding like Adam Sandler, making idiotic gestures and facial expressions like Jim Carrey, or coming off as a huge nerd like Christopher Mintz-Plasse, you are not being funny in an attractive way. What you are doing is more likely making people laugh <strong>at</strong> you as opposed to laughing with you.
<h4>So what is funny?</h4>
Goofy is hard to describe, and funny is even more difficult. Genuinely funny humor is funny because of the things that are said and the confidence with which they are delivered. Good humor does not depend on physical antics or large changes in voice inflection. Think guys like Bill Cosby, Seinfeld, and Vince Vaughan in Swingers. Those guys are funny. They are funny because their ideas are funny, what they say is funny, and they don't rely too much on self deprecating humor (which does have a role, but don't over do it). Their humor is, "alpha" so to speak. This is the kind of humor that women love. Being able to tell a funny story and at the same time being able to fire off a hilarious one liner at the right moment.

Another very attractive form of funny is funny sexual humor that is not too dirty. Sexual innuendo is a great way to turn women on and get them thinking about you in a sexual manner. Combining it with humor is a "lethal" combination which has the effect of turning your target on with sexually suggestive conversation and at the same time lowering her guard with humor. It's really hard to accomplish this with "goofy" humor.
<h4>Be Funny, not Goofy</h4>
You already know a sense of humor works magic with women, but not everything that makes people laugh is funny. Some of it is just goofy, and goofy is rarely attractive. Funny is what gets it done.

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