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/ Cold Approaches Aren't The Only Way

You don't have to blindly go up to girls to be successful with women.

The traditional <g>PUA</g> model is all about the 'cold approach'. A cold approach means approaching a woman you have never met, or perhaps even seen and just starting a conversation with her. This is a very good way to meet women: for starters, it requires you to actually go talk to a woman. It also allows you to meet many different women because you don't require much of a setting if any to introduce yourself. However, for many men, a cold approach is incredibly difficult. For others, it also isn't always particularly effective.
<h3>When are cold approaches suboptimal?</h3>
Before I continue with this section, I want to clarify something: cold approaches are a great way to meet women. It is an approach that can and does work for just about anyone. However, that does not mean it is always the most *optimal* approach. Here are some scenarios where cold approaches are not optimal:
<h5>1. Low social proof</h5>
If you have low social proof at a venue, it is better to focus on building a baseline level of social proof before performing numerous cold approaches. Venues have a limited number of options so you don't want to 'waste' them by approaching from a starting point of weak value.
<h5>2. Burn out (becoming marked)</h5>
I <a title="Avoid Being A Marked Man" href="/articles/view/avoid-being-a-marked-man/">wrote about not becoming a marked man in an earlier article</a>. If you cold approach too many women at the same venue, your returns will become drastically diminished because you may become 'marked'. Women will notice you are going up to every girl and be turned off by that.
<h5>3. You are ugly</h5>
Important: most likely, this simply does not apply to you. But if you are one of the few % of people who are genuinely ugly (I'll have an article about ugliness on the site soon, so check back here) then cold approaching may be a frustrating experience. Social proof,<a href=""> internet dating</a> (not Tinder) and social circle driven techniques are likely to be much more effective.
<h5>4. You suffer from crippling approach anxiety.</h5>
Approach anxiety hits all of us, including very experienced "PUAs". However, if your approach anxiety is extremely crippling, it may make sense for you to seek out women thru other avenues as opposed to cold approaches <a title="6 Ways To Combat Approach Anxiety" href="/articles/view/6-ways-to-combat-approach-anxiety/">WHILE YOU WORK ON YOUR APPROACH ANXIETY ISSUES</a>. You can and should overcome approach anxiety, but I have found that getting women while you work out those issues actually help you overcome those issues due to the confidence boost of succeeding. Online dating works wonders for getting women without dealing with approach anxiety.
<h5>5. You have high social proof</h5>
Not every reason to not cold approach is a negative one. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to cold approach because you have much more effective ways to meet women. For example, do you think Ryan Gosling needs to approach women when he's out at a bar? Try more like picking and choosing from a buffet line. Not all of us can be a rich famous celebrity, but there are still many settings where you may have very high social proof which you are simply throwing away by roaming around a venue looking for women to cold approach.
<h5>6. Your cold approach game is restricted to day-game</h5>
Daygame is a tool, but it is not a great way to meet women. If the only way you can cold approach women is during the day (you are under 21 for example), try meeting women through friends or at < 21 venues and events. Day-game can work but it is a very suboptimal way to meet women because you almost never have high value coming into the approach unless you are very good looking (the only thing you can really be judged on before you open your mouth in day game). <a title="Day Game Is Hard" href="/articles/view/day-game-is-hard/">I wrote about some of the pitfalls of daygame in this article.</a>
<h3>Cold Approaches are a tool</h3>
At the end of the day, cold approaches are one of many tools available at your disposal for meeting women. It's a very effective tool for many men and should definitely be in your repertoire, but don't assume it's the only way to meet women.

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