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/ Day Game Is Hard

Day game can be effective, but it is a harder way to meet women than at night or online.

I've been seeing a lot about "Day Game" lately. It's not some new concept: it's simply the idea of picking up women "during the day". The street, the mall, the library, the gym, the bus stop or around campus at school all qualify as some sort of "Day Game". While the idea is appealing: you see hot girls at these places pretty regularly if you live somewhere busy, wouldn't it be great to be able to talk to them, get their number, get them on a date, sleep with them, and date them? Of course it would. However, while day game is very "doable" (Check out our article on <a href="/articles/view/15-day-game-openers/" title="15 Day Game Openers">15 Day Game Openers for how to get started</a>), it is NOT EASY.

<h3>Day Game Challenges</h3>

Let's face it, day game is much harder than "night game", There are many unique challenges that impact "day game" that simply do not impact night game. One is motion. At a bar or a club, women are pretty committed to the location. They are stationary. During the day on the street, women are constantly moving. They have something to do and somewhere to be. This makes interactions terse at best and nonexistent at worst. Even in locations such as the gym or the mall, the woman you are about to talk to is probably there for a reason that doesn't involve socializing with a random guy.

Another major challenge is logistics. There are serious logistical issues with day game that simply don't exist with other forms of "game" such as online game or "night game". The motion is one of them, the other is the ability to close quickly. With <a href="">online game</a> you can arrange an ideal time and place to meet your date. There is no logistical barrier to escalation. With "night game" it's likely your target woman has no other plans later and if things are going well you can take her home or go hang out somewhere else just the two of you. With "Day game" escalation scenarios are unlikely. Yea, people talk about "insta-dates" but really? Pulling someone away for a 30 minute chat isn't nearly the same thing as an entire date at a romantic location at night or better yet, having her over to your place!

<h3>Using Day Game Effectively</h3>

Despite day game behind hard, I don't have anything against it: quite the contrary, it can be an effective way to meet women, but used effectively. The idea of going "day gaming" is a very inefficient usage. If you are going to commit time specifically to meet women, it's best to either arrange 1 on 1 dates with online dating or go out at night when everything is simply easier. Where day game comes into play is when you happen to be in a good situation to talk to a woman you are interested in.

For example, you happen to be waiting at an unusually long cross walk sign next to a beautiful girl. Or you are sharing equipment at the gym with an attractive woman. Maybe you just happen to be in the same department store as someone you think you'll like. These are the situations where it makes sense to "Day Game". If you are doing something anyway and can supplement by also potentially meeting a great girl, go for it! And likewise, don't not talk to a girl you are interested in simply because you see her during the day!

However, Going out during the day for the sole purpose of meeting women is generally way less effective than going out to a bar, club, or doing online dating.

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