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/ Dealing With A Cockblock

Getting cockblocked his horribly annoying. Here are some ways to deal with them.

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than missing out on a girl because of her annoying friend, some random douchebag at the bar, or maybe even one of your friends being an idiot. Missing out on a girl because someone else interferes, being cockblocked, is an inevitable part of dating. However, you can still lower your odds of getting cockblocked, and sometimes eliminate the cockblock threat with this advice.
<h4>If the cockblock is a guy</h4>
If the cockblock is a guy you often have a much better chance of dealing with the situation than if it is one of her friends. Generally, guy cockblocks come in several forms: the random guy who neither you or your target woman know, a friend of the girls who she has no romantic interest in, or one of your friends.
<h4>Guy who is your friend</h4>
If the cockblocking guy is one of your friends, the easiest way to deal with it is to just confront him. You are friends, so there is a good chance he may be cockblocking you by accident and not on purpose. Being really drunk is one common source of unintentional cockblocking of friends. Sometimes, your friends will also be oblivious to the signals of a girl and may think that they still have a chance or that the girl is not into you. Note, sometimes they will be right about this, so before you accuse your friends of cockblocking, be sure you aren't being blinded by your interest.
<h4>The random guy cockblock</h4>
The random guy cockblock is a bit more challenging to deal with depending how aggressive he is. My general approach is to ignore and relocate as best as possible. Also use physical positioning to "block him out" by positioning yourself between him and the girl when talking to her. The random cockblock is annoying because he usually has nothing to lose and behaves that way. The good news is the girl is unlikely to feel any obligation to entertain him at all, and if she is really into you, will agree to just relocate away from him.
<h4>Cockblock who is her friend</h4>
The most difficult male cockblock is a friend of the girl. Unlike the random cockblock, the girl has somewhat of an obligation to not ignore him. He will take advantage of this to constantly interfere and make things much harder for you. He may even try to blatantly insult you in front of the girl or whisper bad things to the girl about you. In order to deal with this cockblock, you need the interest level from the girl to be higher than normal. If she is only mildly interested, he will win the battle every time, so you must focus on attracting her!

In terms of dealing with him while trying to build more and more attraction, there are three main principles you should put to work:
<h5>1. Try to be friendly/befriend the guy</h5>
If the guy has an obvious crush on the girl this will not matter, but if he realizes he is not getting any and is a genuine friend, then if he likes you, he will back off.
<h5>2. Use physical positioning</h5>
As with the random guy cockblock, physically positioning yourself in a way he cannot get easy access to the conversation is key.
<h5>3. Be courteous with limited engagement while trying to isolate her</h5>
Read our <a href="/articles/view/7-ways-to-get-her-alone-with-you">Isolation Guide</a> for tips on how to get her away from her friends, but in the meanwhile, don't be a dick to the guy, be courteous but try to limit your engagement with him.
<h4>When the cockblock is a girl</h4>
A girl cockblock is generally one of two types: one of her friends (by far the most common) or potentially another girl who is interested in you. The latter scenario is quite easy to deal with, either pick that girl instead, or just ignore her. It is quite rare that women will aggressively cockblock a guy they are interested in if they are not also affiliated with you, your group, or her group. If she is your friend, then the solution is to just confront her. When the cockblock is a girl friend of your target, that is where things get difficult.
<h4>Girl cockblock who is her friend</h4>
I assume that you have tried the isolation strategies in our article: <a href="/articles/view/7-ways-to-get-her-alone-with-you">7 Ways To Get Her Alone With You</a>, in particular strategy 1 (get permission from friends to borrow her) and that it failed. By far the most effective strategy in this situation is to get the girl you are interested in to deal with her cockblocking friend. It is too difficult often to confront a girl friend about being a cockblock, so your options are limited in that regard. If isolation has failed due to the cockblock, you your target to start chipping in.

The other option is to use one of your wingmen to occupy her. This works great if she is into your wing, but you are quite dependent on your wing being successful. I find it is easier to build on the attraction you already have with your target than hoping for attraction to spark from scratch.
<h4>Attraction Wins In The End</h4>
At the end of the day, the best solution to eliminating all cockblocking is to attract the girl so much that she does the work for you. However, if that doesn't work, use the advice here to try to get rid of the cockblock.

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