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Here are 6 ways you can demonstrate intelligence to your date.

An extremely important attribute women look for in a man is intelligence. Depending on the woman, it is possibly one of the most important attributes. It is hard to argue with the emphasis many women place on intelligence. From an evolutionary point of view, being intelligent is one of the most highly correlated traits to success, much more so than many physical traits that dominated thousands of years ago. So, how can you show your brains to a woman without whipping out your Mensa card? Better yet, how can you demonstrate intelligence beyond that which you actually possess? Here are 6 tips.
<h4>1. Humor</h4>
Women regularly associate humor with intellect. If you are funny, women will often assume you are smart. Take advantage of this fact by making her laugh. Recall our article <a title="Be Funny, Not Goofy" href="/articles/view/be-funny-not-goofy/">Be Funny, not Goofy</a>; you want to be "funny" and not simply "goofy". Not naturally funny? Get ideas from jokes and learn from friends who are funny. Pay attention not only to the stories they tell, but how they tell them. With that said, I will tell you the main secret behind humor: surprise. What makes stories funny is the unpredictability of the outcome. Talk about something unexpected that happened to you, or something that a lot of people have experienced before.
<h4>2. Knowledge</h4>
Knowledge and intelligence are not the same but they are easily mistaken for each other. Possess knowledge and you will often be viewed as intelligent. You don't need to be Ken Jennings from Jeopardy, but having some well rounded knowledge is a useful skill in life, not just to get women. If you simply do not possess much knowledge, pick a topic you are passionate about and "study" it in a more rigorous matter than you may have been doing. Take hockey, for instance. Instead of simply amassing knowledge about players, teams, and stats, how about learning a little about the behind the scenes intricacies of the sport, for instance, how do they make the ice?
<h4>3. Education</h4>
If you have a good education, such as a degree from a top school or an advanced degree, flaunt it! Don't just brag, but be sure to bring it up. I went to a top college in the US, and while I don't wear a class ring, I most definitely bring it up on almost every date or interaction with women. Bringing up where you went to school is an extremely easy thing to do without bragging. For example, talk about how you almost became (something completely different than what you do) after taking so and so course in college.
<h4>4. Having opinions</h4>
The best part about having opinions on matters is that you don't have to be right, you just have to make some logical sense. Don't be afraid to have an opinion, even if it is on a topic you don't know well. As I have written before, a great way to share an opinion without looking like a dumbass if your opinion is "wrong" is to preface it with: "I haven't thought about this that much BUT..."
<h4>5. Be articulate</h4>
This is one of those methods of "faking" it if you are not confident in your intelligence. Talking articulately is generally correlated to intelligence even if what you are saying is a bunch of idiocy. All one has to do is listen to politicians to know how far saying nothing articulately goes in being convincing. On the flip side, if you talk using simple words, mumble, and talk too slowly, you will often be considered unintelligent even if you are smart.
<h4>6. Hypothetical Questions / Challenging conceptions</h4>
The last piece of advice I will impart in this article involves bringing up "intelligent" discussion by using interesting (and funny) hypothetical questions and/or challenging certain norms. Some of my goto's involve the things I don't understand in the current world, for example, how are we still receiving communications through regular mail? I mean, on the one hand, it's quite a feat how for 49 cents, someone comes and picks up a piece of paper from my home and delivers it to anyone in the US within 3 days, on the other, can you think of anything more wasteful?

Think about what makes little sense to you, and elaborate on it in a logical fashion, ideally, to a funny conclusion. Many things out there make little logical sense and are simply remnants of the past. Poking fun at these examples is a nice way to appear intelligent, not to mention it makes for fun conversation!

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