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/ Does A Kiss Matter?

Often times, getting a kiss or a makeout doesn't mean much. Don't rest on your laurels just yet.

A kiss is a nice thing. It feels good, it turns you (and her) on, and it's a nice feeling that a girl you are interested in is willing to kiss you. However, it is important to always remember to put a kiss in perspective. The reality is, that a kiss, while nice, sadly doesn't actually mean that much in many scenarios. So when does a kiss matter, and when does it not?
<h4>A Makeout At A Night Club</h4>
The club makeout is extremely common, and as with really common occurrences, is often not super meaningful. Many girls regularly makeout with guys at night clubs only to be making out with a different guy ten minutes later. They often have little to no intention of going home with any of these guys, or even seeing them again. This is a reason that I often times recommend using Kiss Denial at a club, to weed out the "makeout whores" and build some tension and intrigue in the girl (why isn't he letting me makeout with him!). <a href="">Read about that here</a>.
<h4>A kiss after a date</h4>
A kiss after a date is definitely not a bad sign, but don't ascribe too much significance to it. Every woman is different, but from my experience, a kiss at the end of a date usually just means that she enjoyed her time. It does not even go as far as saying she is willing to see you again. A lot of women will just "make out with him" if he was cute or she had fun, despite having little to no intention of seeing the guy again.

The bottom line: A kiss after a date means she had a good time, but you will need to have done more than secure a kiss to see her again or escalate further. Don't rest on your laurels at the kiss stage; even if you got a kiss during the date. Keep making her more and more attracted to you.
<h4>A Kiss at your place</h4>
Here is where it gets interesting. The most meaningful kisses are those that occur in a location where "more" can happen. If you are hanging out in your apartment, alone, and you start making out, that is a great sign. If a woman isn't into you, it's unlikely she is going to want to engage in any way in a private location. Don't be frightened to escalate beyond just making out; there is a good chance she is comfortable with that also!
<h4>A Kiss due to a trick</h4>
There is a lot out there about how to "get any girl kiss you" and all sorts of other gimmicks to convince a girl to kiss you. These kind of kisses are usually meaningless. I don't suggest bothering using any "trick", "game", or "technique" whose sole purpose is to extract a kiss. A kiss should come naturally from both sides and you should have built up enough attraction and comfort that a makeout is guaranteed to happen if you want it to. Tricks may get you a short kiss, but unlikely to get you much more than that.

The bottom line: Don't trick girls into kissing you, make them want to kiss you.
<h4>Seems like a kiss doesn't matter!</h4>
It may seem from this article that a makeout really doesn't matter. This is actually not so far from the truth. Many makeouts simply do not mean much more than the woman thinking you are pleasant to be around. Unfortunately, you need much more than "being pleasant to be around" to get more than a kiss from a woman. The kind of kisses that matter are kisses that occur naturally as a function of a large amount of attraction. Focus on making her really attracted to you and really into you as opposed to focusing on "getting" something from her. A kiss, by itself, simply doesn't mean that much.

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