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/ Does Height Matter?

As always, the answer is, "Yes, but not as much as you think"

<h4>Height does matter</h4>

Height is probably the biggest source of insecurity for men. This isn’t entirely without logic. There is substantial evidence that taller men are considered more attractive and are more successful with women. While height in today’s society serves virtually no functional purpose; thousands of years ago, when some of the wiring of attraction was created, being taller (and bigger in general) served a purpose. Physical confrontation was more common, and physical attributes were much more important for survival than they are today. In other words, attraction to height is a remnant of an evolutionary process that has not caught up to modern times. With that said, it still is in the wiring of many women (and men) to be attracted to taller people.

<h4>Men's insecurity over height makes it matter even more</h4>

Unfortunately, insecurity about height, despite it being a functionally useless attribute in modern society, perpetuates the value women ascribe to taller men even today. Shorter men are often insecure about their height which then makes them insecure around women or even other men. Insecurity and lack of confidence are huge turn offs to women. Often times, a woman wants a man who is taller than her because she wants someone who is comfortable around her and isn’t insecure with her! Women’s experiences have taught them that shorter men are often more insecure than taller men.

<h4>Good news for shorter men</h4>

Not what you wanted to hear? Rest assured there is some good news. While it’s nice to think that women are simple machines that act based on instinct and “emotional circuitry”, and that there are “tricks” and “routines” that any woman responds to, that is simply not the case. Women are far more complex beings than that. That should be pretty obvious, and when it comes to height, that is a good thing.

<h4>There is a lot more than height</h4>

Since emotional circuitry and evolutionary pressures are not all (or even close to all) that determines what women are attracted to, there is a lot of wiggle room for guys who are not “evolutionarily attractive” to succeed with women. Height is one of those attributes that, while nice to have; is hardly a necessity to seduce beautiful (and even tall) women. I know from experience: I am short, and I have seduced many women, often ones who are taller than me. And I am not a special case, I know many short guys who consistently sleep with women who are taller than them.

<h4>Height serves no functional purpose anymore</h4>

Women know that height serves absolutely no purpose unless a guy is a pro athlete. Therefore, despite having slightly more attraction to a taller person all else being equal, they know that height doesn’t really matter and consider a whole boat load of other attributes when determining who to be with. In other words, height is just one piece of the puzzle, a piece that is easily (for many women) substitutable by some other good attribute you may have. That’s the reason short guys can and do still get tall attractive women; height is not the be-all end-all, or even close, it’s just one piece out of many.

<h4>You must abandon insecurity about height</h4>

However, in order to succeed as a shorter man, especially when competing with taller men, you must very clearly be able to eliminate any insecurity you have about your height. This is the key. Being taller does help getting women, no doubt about it, but if you are confident and secure, then all you have to combat is a relic of evolution which given women are not simple creatures, is quite doable!

<h4>So does height really matter?
So, does height matter? Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that it increases a guys chances of success with a woman. No in that regardless of your height, you can still get tall beautiful women. And, frankly, the “No” is what really matters. What YOU can do regardless of height is what matters. And what you can do is just about anything that a taller man can do, other than maybe play center in the NBA.

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