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/ Don't Drink? No Problem.

Whether you drink or not should have very little impact on your success with women.

I am always surprised by the various excuses guys make to explain their lack of success with women. Some men are firm in their belief that looks are all that matter (I have already debunked this in our <a href="http://">"Do Looks Matter"</a> article), others believe they women only care about money, while others even believe (no joke!) that they are too smart and intellectual to attract women!

Yet another reason I have heard men use to explain their lack of success is the fact that they do not drink. Sayings like "Never trust a man that doesn't drink" and the occasional woman who complains that she feels uncomfortable drinking alone on a date seems to lend some credence to the fact that whether or not a man drinks could conceivably have an impact on their success with women.

Conceivably, yes, but in reality, the impact should be very small. I can assure you, whether or not you drink should have little to no bearing on your success with women. If anything, many dating coaches and dating experts suggest NOT drinking when going out to meet women. Being lucid at all times and in control of your emotions and behavior is often much more valuable than the loosening of inhibitions that comes with drinking alcohol. Also, many men are incapable of having a "a drink or two" in which case being stone cold sober is much better than being drunk, particularly on a date.

The truth is, I didn't really want to write this article at first because it is pretty straightforward to me that drinking should not matter much. However, it is a very common concern men have, so let me set the record straight here once again: <em>Whether or not you drink shouldn't have much impact on your success with women.</em>

Me saying it is not enough for you? In that case, here are a few responses I have used in the event I was out (on a date or wherever) and simply didn't feel like drinking that made the issue go away quite quickly:

<strong>(1)</strong> <strong>"Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?"</strong> -- This is one of my favorite responses when a woman tries to funnel a drink down my throat and I am not in the mood. Being witty is a much bigger turn on than whether or not you drink.

<strong>(2) "I don't drink"</strong> -- Just tell the truth. If she asks for an explanation, explain. Most women simply will not care if you don't drink as long as you are outgoing and know how to have fun.

<strong>(3) "I had a rough night last night"</strong> -- Some guys simply can't believe that they can tell the truth and it won't hurt their success. Or perhaps, you just don't really feel like getting into it. In that case, simply pretend you drank too much or were out too late the night before, or something similar.

Hopefully you can use one of these three responses if a woman questions why you are not drinking. I prefer this approach to pretending to drink (guys who order soda w/a lime and pretending it's alcoholic etc.). <strong>However, at the end of the day, whether or not you drink does not matter</strong>, and that is the point I'm really trying to make here.

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