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/ Don't Miss The Big Picture: Dating

Dating is about attraction, don't forget that.

A big issue many people face is their inability to see the big picture. In this second article in our "Big Picture" series (read the first one <a title="Don’t Miss The Big Picture: Career" href="/articles/view/dont-miss-the-big-picture-career/">here</a>), I want to discuss what most of you come to this site for: dating.

Dating is difficult for many, and it can also be very complicated; however, the big picture is really very <strong>simple</strong>. This is an extremely important thing to remember when you are dating, are learning about dating, and are reading pages such as <a href=""></a>.
<h4>The big picture in dating is Attraction</h4>
How simple is it? Quite simple: dating is mostly about attraction. That's really it. If a woman is attracted to you, then the vast majority of the battle is won. Sure, it's also important that you two are compatible, and "comfort" most definitely matters, but all of that takes a back seat to attraction, because without attraction, none of that other stuff even comes into play.
<h4>But it's easy to lose sight of it</h4>
Unfortunately, it is often easy, especially for guys involved in the "seduction community" to lose sight of what makes dating work by getting too caught up in details of particular techniques, or obsessions about "inner game" and self improvement. Now self improvement is a good thing, and so is putting in time and effort to perfect technique.

However, it is not useful if one does not put all of that effort into perspective. In other words, the goal with technique is to <strong>attract</strong>, not to run a perfect routine. The technique is simply a tool, not an accomplishment in itself. The same goes for various "exercises" and self improvement which was taken up for the specific purpose of getting girls but soon becomes an obsession of its own which ends up interfering with actually attracting women! A good example of that would be fashion: you want to make sure you look your best but once you start posting on fashion blogs instead of meeting women, I guess you picked up a new hobby, but you most definitely aren't increasing your odds of getting a good date.
<h4>Dating is hard enough</h4>
While the big picture when it comes to dating is quite simple: focus on attraction; it isn't always an easy thing to accomplish, but if you forget about attraction, dating is downright impossible. So don't make dating any more difficult for yourself by forgetting you need to attract in the first place!

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