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/ Don't Neglect Logistics

Neglecting Logistics can make or break your chances, plus 4 logistic mistakes you don't want to make

<h4>Logistics prevent you from getting the girl</h4>

You may have been in this situation: You are hitting it off with a beautiful girl at the club. The chemistry is there: you are dancing, making eye contact, touching each other and maybe kissing. The night is winding down and you want to keep hanging out with each other except, BAM, you drove your friends that night and there's pretty much no way to leave without stranding your friends.

The aforementioned situation is one of many logistical screw ups that can be major hindrance to your ability to seduce women. There is a lot written about techniques at bars or clubs, techniques on dates, techniques in the bedroom, etc. but one issue that is constantly neglected is the issue of logistics. Getting logistics right is pretty simple; it involves two basic steps.

<h4>Step 1: Think about logistics</h4>

The first step in making sure things make sense logistically is to think about logistics in the first place. Don't assume that the logistics will just naturally fall into place. Don't assume you can setup a date 30 minutes from both of your homes and that "it'll just happen" if there is enough chemistry to get down and dirty that night. Don't assume your roommate will just leave your apartment for a couple hours if you bring a girl back. Don't assume your date will be as comfortable meeting you for a long night right after work as opposed to giving her time to shower, change, and relax. Etc. Etc. Etc.

<h4>Step 2: Make it easy for her</h4>

The second step, now that you are no longer ignoring the logistical elements of dating, is to ensure logistics of whatever you do are as easy as possible. Know your goals and make sure logistics will help you get there. For instance, if your goal is to sleep with your date, make sure that you arrange a date close to you (or her) and at an hour that makes her coming over after the date reasonable and unlikely to conflict with other activities.

<h4>4 Common Logistical Mistakes</h4>

Now that you have the basic principles down, here are 4 common logistical issues and solutions.

<h5>1. The driving situation</h5> For many people, night life and dating involves driving. Since people want to drink, and people don't want to drink and drive, there is often a fair amount of shared driving or use of public transportation. Unfortunately, driving logistics can make or break a "pick up". I always like to have as much freedom as possible when I am with a group of friends, even if it means having to drink less or spend money on public transportation. The benefits outweigh the costs, in my opinion.

<h5>2. Proximity to a sex location</h5> This is a straightforward one to identify and fix. Be sure that getting to a place where you can have sex, if both of you want to have sex, is not just doable, but easy. Not only that, if sex is logistically difficult, it also makes it harder to get them to want to do it in the first place.

<h5>3. Time constraints</h5> Pay attention to any time constraints. Don't setup dates when you or your date have only a short amount of time to get together; all you do is lose a free option to hang out longer if things are going well. Likewise, know you and your girls schedule as best you can so that time constraints (needs to wake up early, has to be at a birthday party later, etc.) don't interfere with what you are trying to do.

<h5>4. Venue compatibility</h5> Have you ever gone to a venue that seemed like the perfect place only for it to be too loud, or too crowded, or perhaps completely dead? Be sure you know about your venue so you don't run into a surprise issue (like a great place that is simply too loud to talk on a first date) and better yet, have a back up in the area!

At the end of the day, logistics are generally simple to deal with. It is the failure to pay attention to them that causes the most struggles. Don't neglect the logistics. Take care of them. It's easy to do and will make your life a lot easier!

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