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/ Emotion Response Linking

Evoke pleasurable emotions, and she will link them to you.

While I generally advocate an attraction driven approach to courtship and seduction, in this article I want to talk about a form of conditioning that can improve your success on dates. I like to call this technique "emotion response linking". I’m sure it already has some "PUA" name for it out there but I don’t recall it nor is the name of the technique (or any technique for that matter) of particular importance. The basic idea behind emotion response linking is to evoke a good thoughts and emotions in your date in the hopes that she links the good thoughts and emotions you evoked to you.

An Example of emotion response linking

The following interaction would be an example of emotion response linking.
Guy: "Do you have anything exciting planned for the rest of the week?"
Girl: "Yes, I’m going out to dinner at a great new restaurant with my best friend tomorrow!"
Guy: "Are you into food? What was your best meal ever?"
Girl: "…"
In this case, "guy" is getting girl to think about her best meal ever. This meal was most certainly pleasurable and her thinking about something pleasurable will likely make her feel good. Since our brain is constantly making associations and links between the way we feel and our environment, her brain is subconsciously making a link between the pleasurable thoughts she is having and everything about the current environment, including who she is with!
Simply put, make a girl feel good, and she will likely link her good feelings to you!

Using Emotion Response Linking

One nice thing about emotion response linking is that it is very easy to use. Anytime you can make a girl feel good, or think pleasurable thoughts, you are using emotion response linking to your advantage. Note that good thoughts and pleasurable feelings are not the only emotions that can help generate attraction. For instance, the emotion that is associated with an impending challenge and conquering of a challenge is also quite powerful.
Some easy topics that can be used to generate an emotional response suitable for building attraction include travel, food, best friends, funny and unusual events, intellectually challenging questions, music/entertainment, and more. Almost any topic can generate an emotional response if the conversation is framed in that way. In other words, don’t just try to extract facts about a particular topic, try to also encourage thought, feelings, and even a reliving of an experience.

The benefit is incremental

While this technique may seem quite powerful (and many seduction products laud these type of techniques as the "holy grail" to getting into girls’ pants) there is a reason I have written over 200 articles before really touching upon these type of techniques. The reason is that I want to put the effectiveness of these techniques in perspective. Emotion response linking "works", but the benefits are incremental.
You are not going to convince a woman who is not attracted to you to sleep with you or even go on a second date with you even if you pump her mind full of the most pleasurable thoughts imaginable for 4 straight hours. This technique will increase your chances if you have sufficiently [glossary]DHV[/glossary]’ed yourself and built enough attraction to be considered a potential mate, but they are not the holy grail of seduction.

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