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Going on vacation? Here are three tips to make the most of it with women.

For many men, getting girls on the road, whether it be vacation, a work trip, or just visiting friends in a different town is a challenge. Logistics are often difficult, and a lot of the comfort you have on your "home turf" is gone. There is also a lot of competition in many destination spots which makes "the game" even more difficult. Furthermore, many women are out at vacation spots in large groups which increases the challenge. Lastly, if you are in a foreign country there could be a problematic language barrier.

With that said, there are some significant advantages to hitting on girls on the road. For instance, they are usually out a lot and in the mood to "party" and have fun. They feel much less pressure to keep up appearances because they are in a place surrounded by mostly people who they do not know. There is also generally a lot of alcohol involved. So, how do you take advantage of the positives while dealing with the negatives? Here are a few tips:

<h4>1. Have logistics covered</h4>

This isn't just a rule for the road, but it is especially important for the road. Logistics are pretty tricky during a vacation or a trip. Often times you may be sharing a hotel room and you probably aren't in control of transportation. Even if you have your own room or can get away from your "roommates" for a couple hours, your target woman may have her own logistical issues (in particular friends "cock-blocking").

You will want to make sure you are going out to places where you can easily bring girls back to your hotel (or go to theirs or get a hotel room close to where you are) and you will want to make your move when the girl is away from her friends and not too late in the night when "the group" is probably deciding to pack it in.

<h4>2. Work quickly</h4>

You have limited time on vacations, so you need to work quickly. Women know what's up, so it's not like you will be able to get a girl in bed by convincing her you have long term intentions with her. You need to amp up sexuality quickly and get your target woman alone with you as soon as you can. Make your intentions known early on. Also, try not to settle for a number and "meet us later" if you can avoid it. Try to get her alone with you right then and there.

<h4>3. Don't dwell on one girl</h4>

When you are out on vacation, you need to know when to cut your losses. Usually, that means quickly. Because you have act so quickly and you don't really have time to do much more than build quick sexual attraction. You should get a sense if you have that going on very early, and if you don't, move on to the next.


When out on vacation or a short trip out of town, focus on three basic strategies to increase your chances: ensure logistics are in order, work quickly, and don't dwell on one girl.

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