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/ Get Off The Computer And Go Get Women

Is the computer interfering with your social life? Fix that.

I am a big fan of computers; always have been. I use a computer many hours a day for a variety of things ranging from work to play to everything in between. However, sometimes, it is easy to be so entertained by our computer that we forget about the real world. Here are four common computer related obsessions that could be really hurting your chances with women. If anything in here reminds you of yourself, it's time to take it easy with technology and start making it out into the real world.
<h4>1. Video Games</h4>
Video games are pretty freaking fun. I used to play a lot of them, so I totally get it. However, if you are choosing to stay in and play video games on the weekend versus going out and meeting women, you may have a problem. If the "woman you are pursuing" is a fellow World Of Warcraft player who lives 2,000 miles away in real life, then you have a BIG problem. While society is becoming more and more connected virtually, I highly doubt that our brains have yet evolved to the point where connection and communication through virtual medium is the same as real life interaction. Balance your video game playing with real life interactions.
<h4>2. Seduction Forums</h4>
If you struggle to pick up women, there is tremendously valuable information in online seduction forums. However, it is very easy to get sucked in and spend so much time on the forum that you don't actually apply any of the concepts in real life (or even make it out in real life at all!) If you joined a forum to learn how to pick up women and six months later you find yourself doling out dating advice without having actually been out with women over that six month periods, you have a problem!

Remember, seduction forums are there, first and foremost, for you to learn how to pick up women. It's fun to post on them and talk about women, but don't forget what brought you there in the first place, learning how to get better with women. You can only learn so much being on the computer: real learning happens in real life with real women.
<h4>3. Porn</h4>
My advice here may be a bit biased as I am one of the only men on the planet who does not watch porn (I have nothing against it I just happen to not watch it) but if porn is interfering with your desire and motivation to go out and meet women, you need to cut down on the amount of porn you watch. Now I'm not talking about Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon. He was addicted to porn but he was also getting laid left and right in real life. I'm talking about the guy out there who instead of finally going out to hit on real women decides he would rather stay home and watch porn. Forget about what Gordon-Levitt said in the movie, the real thing is WAY better than porn.
<h4>4. Social Media</h4>
Social media is fun but if you aren't converting any of the social activity on social media into real life social activities, you are sacrificing a much greater form of interaction for a virtual interaction. Don't get me wrong, keeping in touch over the computer is way better than not keeping in touch at all (and I even prefer chat/etc. to phone conversations), but it is not a substitute for real life meetings. Stop flirting over facebook and start flirting over real life!

There are all kinds of other examples, but the bottom line is if the computer is stopping you from going out and meeting people, dial down your activity in front of it and start interacting more in real life.

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