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/ Getting Girls While Living At Home

You can still have an active dating life while living at home.

In a tough economy, living at home can be a significant boon to your finances. For this reason and perhaps others, many men (especially younger) are opting to live at home while they get settled in their career and life. Unfortunately, despite the financial benefits of living at home, it can be pretty costly when it comes to dating. What are you supposed to do if you want to date while living at home?
<h4>1. Move Out</h4>
The obvious option is to move out. If your parents are very strict and controlling when it comes to girls, you need to choose if women or the financial savings are more important to you. Sometimes, depending on your parents, the threat of moving out will actually make them relax their ways and be more open to you having women spend the night etc. Either way, you most likely are not reading this article if moving out is an option, so read on to find out what you can do to make things better while still living at home.
<h4>2. Have a talk with your parents</h4>
I recognize that parents are not always reasonable, but there is a chance your parents are more reasonable than you think. If you are already in your 20s, it is pretty absurd for them to be controlling your dating life and your sex life. Have a conversation with them about it, perhaps they will be receptive. It can't hurt.
<h4>3. Go to her place</h4>
If your parents will remain completely unreasonable with regards to women coming over and/or sleeping over, an easy solution is to go to her place. Start arranging dates closer to where she lives, and start proposing things like watching a movie at her place ("I'll bring the wine.") or something similar. Even if she lives with her parents there is a greater chance one of your respective parents is reasonable about dating.
<h4>4. Use the car or public places</h4>
There's nothing wrong with fooling around in the car if there is no better logistical option. Also, do not rule out public places at times when they are closed. Besides being relatively easy places to do the deed, it can also add some excitement in it's own right.
<h4>5. Use the time when they are away wisely</h4>
Going behind your parent's back isn't ideal, but it isn't the end of the world if you are already an adult (especially if you are mid20s etc.). Use the time they are not home to have your girl over. Also, cut family vacations/etc. short (say you have to be back, or just don't go) if it gets you alone time in the house. I'll probably get hated by a lot of parents for writing this part, but seriously, sex and dating if done responsibly are some of the least "bad" things you can do. Your parent should be so lucky that wanting to have sex when you are in your 20s is your "problem".

Living at home is likely to put a damper on your sex life, but it doesn't have to end it completely. Try using these 5 tips to make dating and sex a part of your life, despite living at home.

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