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/ Getting Perfect 10s: How You Can Do It

Here are the changes you need to make to attract 9s and 10s

A while back I wrote about a few 'Perfect 10' myths in our article: <a href="/articles/view/getting-perfect-10s-the-differences/">Getting Perfect 10s: The Differences</a>. I recommend you read that article first so you can understand how and why I disagree with seduction dogma that says getting a "perfect 10s" is the same as getting any other woman.

Getting the perfect 10 is a daunting task for the reasons mentioned in that article. However, it is not impossible. I'm going to show you how you can do it here.
<h3>Blasting Through The Challenges</h3>
In <a href="/articles/view/getting-perfect-10s-the-differences/">Getting Perfect 10s: The Differences</a>, I detailed five main reasons why Perfect 10s are harder to get than the typical woman. They were: more competition, jaded by techniques, already satisfied, "reflex-rejection", and faster filtering. It logically follows that in order to get a Perfect 10, or at least making the task the same as getting a typical girl, you must over come these five obstacles.

This is not always possible, for example, if she is already satisfied (has a boyfriend, husband, lover), it's going to be very challenging to get her. However, many perfect 10s are not already taken, and the good news is that the other four main differences between her and your typical target can often be overcome.
<h3>Difference Blaster #1: Eliminating Competition</h3>
Competition is a major challenge when it comes to getting a perfect 10. You've not only gotta be good, you've gotta be the best out of a potentially large set of suitors. But there is another way: approach where competition is minimal. Clubs and trendy bars are generally very "target rich" but they are also extremely competition rich. You have much better success hitting on the gorgeous girl at the airport or the store than you will at a night club, even though there are more of them at a night club. Seek out venues where the competition is sparse.
<h3>Difference Blaster #2: Jaded By Techniques</h3>
Gimmicks and tricks are less likely to be as effective on a perfect 10 as it is on a typical girl. She's heard it all, seen it all, and been a part of it all. Fortunately, it's not so difficult to avoid the gimmicky routines when you approach and interact with a perfect 10. Note that this does not mean abandon the tried and true methods of seduction such as DHV, eye contact, and kino.
<h3>Difference Blaster #3: The Reflex Reject</h3>
A huge challenge in getting perfect 10s is the "reflex reject". Perfect 10s get hit on so often that they will regularly reject guys reflexively. The second you approach and open your mouth, they are going to tell you to fuck off. This happens A LOT. The way to combat this is to approach indirectly. While direct approaches exhibit confidence and some perfect 10s respect that; I have found that avoiding the reflex-reject by going indirect is much more useful than the small added value you get by directly approaching. Plenty of guys are directly approaching her: that extra boost isn't going to set you apart that much.
<h3>Difference Blaster #4: Fast Filtering</h3>
Perfect 10s faster filtering of potential guys is, along with "already satisfied" the perhaps the hardest difference to overcome. She can filter quickly because she has many options, and because of that, she will. A perfect 10 does not waste her time with a guy that doesn't attract her quickly. If you are really good looking, fast filtering will not be an issue for you. But if you are an average guy, fast filtering won't even give you a chance with her.

Approaching indirectly helps overcome her fast filter, but if you do not display some significant source of value or interest to her quickly you will fall by the wayside. This needs to be your goal once you are "in". My favorite "in" is to display <strong>mastery</strong>. I hinted at mastery in my article: <a href="/articles/view/ranking-the-factors-of-seduction/">Ranking The Factors Of Seduction</a>. Women are attracted to many different things. We can't possess all of those things, but one thing we can try to possess is mastery of <strong>something. </strong>It hardly matters what that thing is, but being a <strong>master</strong> of something is attractive in itself. Try to hint at some form of mastery early on in your interaction to pique her interest and keep her from filtering you out.
<h3>There Are No Guarantees</h3>
Getting a perfect 10 is the ultimate goal of many men. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult one with no guarantee of success. However, if you follow these tips, you can dramatically improve your odds with the most desirable cohort of women.

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