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/ Getting Perfect 10s: The Differences

If getting a perfect 10 were as easy as getting any woman, everyone would be with a perfect 10.

I'm not a huge fan of the number scale, but sometimes, the number scale makes things simple. For instance, take the "Perfect 10". Every guy knows what a 'Perfect 10' is to him and to others. It's an easy way to describe a particular type of woman that is a function of you, the reader, not just an objective set of qualities. This article is about 'Perfect 10s'. But it isn't about what they are, it's about how to get them.
<h3>No, getting perfect 10s is not the same as getting 6s and 7s</h3>
Most men don't know is how to get a Perfect 10. Yes, there is a lot of marketing garbage out there that will tell you getting a perfect 10 is no different than picking up a '6 or a 7' and that it's just as easy to get a perfect 10 and that the only reason you aren't getting perfect 10s is because you are 'putting them on a pedestal' or something similar.

This is of course nonsense, because otherwise everyone would be with a "perfect 10" but the reality is they are not. The reality is getting a perfect 10 is not the same as getting a 6 or a 7. I'll talk about some of the differences here.
<h3>Difference 1: More competition</h3>
Perhaps the biggest reason it is much harder to get a "perfect 10" than any other woman is the competition. Much more men will find them attractive, which makes much more men hit on them, which makes that many more men for her to choose from. You have to beat out the competition to get any girl, and the stiffer the competition (which it will be by sheer numbers) the harder it will be to get her. That is the reality of dating: it isn't just about how much she likes you, but about how much she likes you relative to other men. It's also why we always write to <a title="Don’t Play the ‘Long Game’" href="/articles/view/dont-play-the-long-game/">move quickly when dating women</a>, to prevent competition from entering the picture.
<h3>Difference 2: Certain techniques do not work on '10s'</h3>
Most advice out there suggests you game all women the same. If it worked for you, then keep doing it. This is generally true; and it is a huge mistake to "try too hard/harder" with a 'perfect 10'; however, not all techniques that work on "6s" and "7s" will work on 10s. For instance, "<a title="Value Overloading" href="/articles/view/value-overloading/">Value Overloading</a>" almost never works on Perfect 10s. Unless you are a famous movie star, a billionaire, or have tremendous social proof, the value overload technique is unlikely to work. Note, you should be <g>DHV</g>'ing as much as you can, but the impact won't be the same as it is on 6s and 7s where <g>DHV</g> alone can get them to throw themselves at you.

Another reason certain techniques do not work on "10s" is because of the competition. Chances are, a perfect 10 has been hit on with every technique imaginable so a lot of the uniqueness, confidence, and humor that techniques help inject won't be as effective: she's seen it and heard it before.
<h3>Difference 3: They are already satisfied</h3>
Another corollary of competition is that it's much more likely some of your competition has already "won". Your perfect 10 is more likely to have a boyfriend or someone who satisfies her sexually (or both) than a woman who is hit on by less men. As I wrote about in the past, <a title="If She Says She Has A Boyfriend, Move On" href="/articles/view/if-she-says-she-has-a-boyfriend-move-on/">getting women with boyfriends is a daunting task</a>.
<h3>Difference 4: The "reflex-reject"</h3>
Are "perfect 10s" as approachable as other women? The answer is generally no. It isn't just because you don't have as much courage. It's because of the competition. They get attention, a lot of it, and many of them are tired of the attention. This will lead them to "reflex-reject" men more often; they won't even give you a chance, they will just say outright NO. This happens more with 10s, and it leads me to the last major difference I want to talk about:
<h3>Difference 5: They can filter faster</h3>
When you are a woman who isn't hit on as much as a 'perfect 10', you are more apt to not immediately exclude certain men. Perfect 10s have the luxury of immediately excluding men who they are not physically attracted to off the bat, or don't find anything instantly attractive or interesting about them. This is related to the "reflex-reject" and a major impediment. There's a good chance that a Perfect 10 won't even talk to you if she is not at least a little physically attracted to you or she doesn't immediately see you have very high value. Why? Because she has so many other options that she knows someone will come along who catches her attention immediately and also probably has other good traits.
<h3>You can still do it.</h3>
This article may be somewhat demoralizing, but it's important to note that it's an article of generalizations. Not all perfect 10s immediately exclude any guy who isn't attractive, not all perfect 10s have boyfriends, not all perfect 10s are hit on all the time, and not all perfect 10s are already satisfied with their love life. How do you find those who aren't going to immediately reject you? They say it's a numbers game for a reason....

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