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Going bald is not the end of the world.

Are you worried that going bald is going to prevent you from getting the women you want? As a balding person myself, I'm going to help put your mind at ease: It won't matter nearly as much as you think.
<h4>My story</h4>
I always thought I would be immune to hair loss given that it supposedly comes from the mothers' side (a myth by the way) and not a single man on my mother's side (brothers, father, uncles, etc.) has had any hair loss. However, for my 21st birthday I got a wonderful surprise: half a bushel of hair on my pillow when I woke up in the morning. Fast forward to over 10 years later and I still have enough hair to not shave it completely but there's no doubt to anyone who sees me that I am losing my hair.

However, surprisingly, not only do I rarely ever think about it, I have found that it hasn't changed my success with women at all. Perhaps when it has to be completely removed it will be different, but right now, with pretty sparse coverage on the front of my head and noticeable thinning in the back, I am as successful with women as I have ever been. And while you may think it is due to aging and gaming women who are in an age bracket where they care less, that is only part of the story. I have had success with women much younger as well, and often times based on looks and fast seduction.
<h4>What you can do</h4>
I can tell you how I have not noticed much of a change despite losing noticeable amounts of hair, but you've probably heard that before and it isn't helping you. So what concrete steps can you actually take to deal with both your insecurities and the actual hair loss? Here are some options.
<h5>1. Treating Hair Loss</h5>
If you are ok taking medicine to combat hairloss or going through minor surgery, you do have options. Propecia is highly effective at stalling or even completely stopping hair loss, but it is a pill to take every day. Hair transplants have also come a long way and you can get pretty good results; though be sure if you go this route to plan for future hair loss as there usually just isn't enough hair left to cover your entire head once you are finished balding. Hairsystems or toupees are another option, but I would only recommend that route if you really get a hair system that is completely undetectable.
<h5>2. Styling</h5>
There are many options for styling, but almost all of them involve short hair or completely shaving your head. Completely shaving is not the only option, as Jason Statham has proven time and time again, but it is the easiest option to run with. Also, consider facial hair, even if it just means light stubble or a light beard.
<h4>Facts you must accept</h4>
<h5>1. Women care less than you</h5>
Treating hair loss and styling your hair can help, but at the end of the day, you need to start accepting that women simply care less about balding than you do.For one, a lot of women do not notice balding even when it is very obvious to other men who are balding. A woman may not even notice you are losing your hair despite you thinking it's clear. Lastly, many women like bald men and a lot of other studies show that while bald men are considered less attractive than men with hair, they are considered more powerful, more aggressive, and stronger. And you better believe POWER is a bigger turn on than looks.
<h5>2. It's super common, almost normal</h5>
According to <a href=""></a>, 40% of US men will have noticeable hair loss by age 35! 40%!! This commonality should indicate a few things to you. One, it's so common that it is pretty much a variant of "normal". And secondly, it should reinforce the fact that women don't really care. Why? Well, male pattern baldness is genetic. If it was such an undesirable trait, it would have been 'bred out' with men who are balding not passing on their balding genes. However, most people will have some noticeable hair loss by age 60 and almost half by age 35. Clearly, male pattern baldness is hardly a factor when it comes to viability. This should be the case by the way, because hair on your head serves pretty much no functional purpose.
<h4>Optimizing your game</h4>
So, you are bald or balding. You have decided to avoid treatment and have learned to accept the two facts above. Still, the reality is that some women are not attracted to bald men. How can you optimize your game to negate any of the hindrances of being bald and maybe even turn it to an advantage?

The key lies in the stereotypes associated with baldness: strength, aggression, and power. You aren't going to attract the girl who wants the A&F model look with your appearance, so you need to attract her with power, strength, and aggression. Work on your body at the gym and play the part of the manly, confident man. Focus on convincing women why you are POWERFUL as opposed to why being bald doesn't matter or why you are physically attractive anyway.

Secondly, take advantage of cohorts that are likely to care less if you are bald. Women from certain countries and ethnic groups care much less about hair than others, for example. Also, age does matter: older women are going to care much less if you are bald than younger ones.

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