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/ Guest Post: 3 Things That Will Make You Better At Approaching

"Redsky" gives us 3 tips for becoming better at approaching women.

A lot of my readers have serious problems with approaching women. I have written about overcoming approaching anxiety in the past (<a href="/articles/view/6-ways-to-combat-approach-anxiety/">here</a>) and will have an entire e-book out on the topic of approaching women shortly <a href="/newsletter"><strong>(join the mailing list</strong></a> for an opportunity to get it <strong>100% free</strong>), but I wanted to not just give you my take but also the take of a dating coach I know who goes by "Redsky". I have personally seen him in action on multiple occasions and one of the strongest elements of his game is his ability to approach any woman, anywhere, without any hesitation, usually successfully. For this reason, I asked him to share a few tips on how he does it w/the readers here at Josh Sway. You can find more articles from Redsky at his website: <a href=""></a>.
<h4>1. Not giving a fuck if you get rejected.</h4>
Ya, that's right I used the F-bomb. That's because I don't give a fuck. Something that the majority of us do when we first meet an attractive woman that we desire.

I think Mark Manson said it best when he discussed in his book "Models" that a high status man does not value the view of others because he values his own view significantly more.

So I suggest keeping that in mind when you see the next attractive woman that you have the courage to approach.
<h4>2. Having a goal.</h4>
I honestly don't think it matters much what you say, as long as it isn't overtly offensive or creepy but what I do think will better your game is having a goal and doing whatever it takes (as long as it's legal) to accomplish it.

For instance, when starting out you can have a goal of saying "hi" to an attractive woman that you see on the street. When this becomes more comfortable then try advancing to having a conversation. When that gets comfortable then try getting a woman's number at the end of the conversation. After that then create a goal of getting a woman that you've just met to go somewhere with you. So on and so forth.

The trial and error process you will inevitably use with this approach is actually a very effective way of learning. It will teach what works for you and what is bogus which in return will make your approaches more effective at getting what you want.
<h4>3. Keep eye contact.</h4>
Here is another very important tool that many of us have a problem with. Get used to not breaking eye contact with anyone.

I have seen so many guys approach a woman, who I could tell through her body language, was initially attracted to them but was quickly turned off by their inability to keep eye contact.

Eye contact is a behavior that portrays confidence. Whether you are confident or not, most people view those who can maintain strong eye contact as confident. Confidence is what builds attraction and keeps attraction.

So keep these 3 things in mind and watch this part of your game improve.

So thanks for reading and get to work!

-Redsky of GBTN Seduction Community
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