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/ Have Multiple Verticals

There's always something you can improve about yourself.

When you set about your journey to improve yourself and improve your chances with women, you can go about it many ways. You can focus on improving your "game", the way you dress, your escalation ability, your body, your career, or sometimes, simply just put the current you out there in more situations to succeed. Most likely, if you are doing things right, you should be doing all of the above. However, that doesn't stop guys from feeling frustrated at lack of progress in a particular area. Some guys also simply cannot improve a particular area past a certain point. This is normal, but, it's not an excuse to give up, because there is always something you can maximize.
<h3>Maximize anywhere</h3>
Unhappy with your looks? You can always work out and have a good body, which goes a long way towards making you look better (it even makes your FACE look better, as TVJ discussed in his <a title="Makeovers for Men: Fitness" href="/articles/view/makeovers-for-men-fitness/">makeover for men series</a>). You can also always dress better.

But what if you have exhausted those options? What if you can't have a good body due to a health condition? What if you are already dressed as well as you possibly can be and groomed as well as you possibly can be but are still not attractive?

You still need to keep maximizing.

It wont be looks because you've exhausted that, but fortunately, women don't only care about looks. There's plenty more to you that can be improved upon and you should always strive to find what you can improve and improve it. Don't beat your head against the wall trying to improve on an area where you have 'capped out'. Maximize anywhere you can find room to grow.
<h3>Have multiple verticals</h3>
Another way to think about maximizing anywhere is to have multiple verticals with which you can attract women. Girls care about a wide variety of traits and are attracted to a wide variety of men. The best way to get as many girls as possible is to have a hook with as many women as possible. For example, some girls only care about looks, so for them, it's good to have looks. Other girls care a lot about intelligence, so for them, <a title="Demonstrating Intelligence" href="/articles/view/demonstrating-intelligence/">demonstrating intelligence</a> is crucial, others still are really into music, so if you play guitar, you are golden.

The more types of women you can attract with different 'verticals of you', the better. For a guy who only has looks going for him, if he loses them he is fucked. For a guy who has many verticals going for him, missing out on the women who put huge emphasis on just one or two of the verticals is no big deal; you'll have plenty of other women attracted to your other 'verticals'.

So, the next time you get frustrated you are plateauing in something, don't feel the need to frustrate yourself growing a vertical even higher, you can also expand horizontally, to other verticals, and grow those.

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