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You don't need much to get women, but you need something.

I've written about how you can get a great woman without having great looks. I'll write about how you can get a great girl without being tall. And I will soon write about how to get girls without money. However, what I won't write, because it simply isn't true, is how to get girls without having ANYTHING going for you. Surprisingly, here is a paraphrased version of an extremely common question many men have:

"Hey Josh, I don't have a job, I live with my parents, I don't have any hobbies, I am not particularly good looking, and I am out of shape. Why can't I get any women? It seems only good looking guys get women!"

Actually, no, guy. The reason you cannot get women is because you have to have SOMETHING going for you to attract women. Unlike men, women are MUCH MORE FORGIVING when it comes to flaws in appearance and even personality. Women are attracted to a much larger range of attributes than a man. Often times, women will even go out of their way to find something attractive about a man. Sometimes, I really feel like women go to the ends of the earth to find something attractive about a guy who so little as expresses interest in them!

However, you have to have SOMETHING. There may be some "weird tricks" or techniques that can get you in the door with a woman, get you conversation, maybe even get you a date or even a kiss. But if you have nothing going for you and are not attractive, you are highly unlikely to get women to sleep with you or date you or marry you no matter what supposed trick you read about in an e-book or on the internet; unless she also has absolutely nothing going for her.

Think this is bad news? Think again. That "something" can be a whole range of "somethings", many of which are really easy for ANYONE to have. A couple hobbies alone can be enough to demonstrate value to a woman. Having a great sense of humor is an extremely attractive trait. Doing a sport, even if you aren't that great at it, is a "something".

These are easy "somethings", the "low hanging fruit." If you really want to be extremely successful with women, you will need to have several "somethings", and many of them may have to be more substantive. Being educated and intelligent (or appearing so) is a huge turn on to most women. So is having a good career. A good career doesn't mean making a lot of money, it means being successful at something you are interested in. Women are attracted to success and ambition. You can be successful and ambitious in a career without making a lot of money, or even any money!

If you have nothing going for you though? If you are a dead beat without a job, without good looks, fat and out of shape, living in your parent's basement, It is going to be very hard to succeed. GO OUT AND CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SITUATION. For a quick start, check out the <a href="">Josh Sway Hobby Cheat Sheet</a> for a bunch of hobbies you can pick up that take very little to no money and very little to no time. Start going to the gym. Join a meetup group. But do something! Don't accept your situation and think you can find some "weird trick" that is going to "bypass every brain cell in a hot women's head" and get you in her pants. IT WON'T HAPPEN WITH YOU HAVING AT LEAST SOMETHING TO OFFER.

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