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Thinking about hitting on the bartender, waitress, barista, or sales associate? Learn the basics behind "Hired Guns" here.

Hot bartender behind the bar, cute waitress at the restaurant, charming barista at Starbucks, we have all been in the situation where we are not only attracted to someone whose job it is to serve us (known as "hired guns") but have also felt that they were treating us differently than a regular customer. Unfortunately, the most common situation is that we try to make a move and get politely (or awkwardly) rejected. So, what's the deal with Hired Guns? Here are the basics you need to know:
<h4>1. It is extremely difficult to read IOIs from hired guns</h4>
Guys, hired guns are hired and paid to give IOIs to customers. Even if you didn't spend a dime and are simply in the store, at the bar, at the strip club, or whatever. You cannot interpret an IOI from a hired gun in the same way as an IOI from a "regular person". Our article, <a href="">6 Common IOIs</a>? You can throw that out the window when it comes to hired guns because they will likely be satisfying all of those IOI conditions with EVERYONE. Good hired guns also have an incredible ability to make each customer feel like they are "special" and "different" from an ordinary customer. This alone is NOT an IOI as well.
<h4>2. Hired Guns get hit on all the time</h4>
When it comes to a cute sales associate of any kind (bartender, associate at a dept store, barista, server, lady at the front desk, etc.) you can assume that she is hit on ALL the time. She is being hit on by attractive guys, successful guys, ugly guys, old guys, young guys, nerds, jocks, etc. You name them, they are hitting on her. Because of this, hired guns always have their guard up despite the IOIs they give. They are also extremely jaded from guys hitting on them all the freaking time. The practical advice that follows from this is that to succeed with a hired gun you generally have to put in considerable effort to NOT come off as if you are hitting on her. This is contrary to a lot of dating advice out there (which is why most guys fail with hired guns).
<h4>3. Hired Guns are not good practice</h4>
Hired guns may be good practice if you suffer from severe approach issues or have difficulty simply talking to women. (Read our <a href="">6 Ways to Conquer Approach Anxiety Article</a>) However, they are NOT good practice in terms of learning how to effectively date and seduce "regular" women. As I mentioned in point 1, their IOIs have different meanings than regular IOIs. The end result is that if you practice too much on hired guns, you will be calibrating completely differently than how you would calibrate in "real life".
<h4>4. Hired guns do date people they meet on the job</h4>
So far, it might seem like a hired gun is a total waste of time. This is not necessarily true, as hired guns do date men that they have met while working. However, it is much more difficult to be that man, and I have found, often times when it happens, it was the hired gun who took the initiative. This is important because it sets the blueprint for how to succeed with hired guns which is to "make" them hit on you.
<h4>5. A Hired Gun is only a hired gun while she is working</h4>
It's important to remember that all the advice here has to do with how your target is likely to behave WHILE she is working. If you meet a bartender at a house party, on the street, or just out with her friends, the game is played as it would be with "normal" people.

Look, at the end of the day, hired guns are people just like the rest of us. However, because of the nature of their profession and the amount of times they get hit on, they are effectively different people when it comes to dating and seduction. In future articles, I am going to discuss how to use these differences to your advantage: I'm going to show you how to actually get that hired gun. Be warned though, it is NOT easy.

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