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/ Interview: Majik of The Majikal Method

We interview Majik, a top dating coach in the Chicago area and founder of The Majikal Method.

In our very first "Josh Sway Interviews" series, we talk to "Majik", the Founder and Lead Instructor of The Majikal Method, Chicago School of Pick-up and Seduction. Majik is one of the top dating coaches in the Chicago area and he and his team offer instruction and dating advice across the entire US. Check him out at: <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Josh Sway: How did you get into the dating instruction biz?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Well, I met up with a girl and her friend one night at a bar called Bourbon Street located right outside of Chicago. We were sitting at a table and there were a few guys at the table next to us, creepily looking at some girl across the way. One of the guys said that he wanted to go talk to her… but he didn’t know what to say. The guy was very well dressed and seemed pretty well spoken, yet he was afraid to go talk to this girl. From there, the idea popped into my head… Guy’s need help. I was talking to a few female friends of mine and ran the idea of starting up a dating coach company by them. They proceeded to tell me how LAME they thought most guys were and would be extremely happy if guys would actually LEARN how to talk to them and make them feel right.

About a week later….

I was pissed off at work one day, finally had enough of being treated like a mule… So I quit. I sold my beautiful BMW to be able to fund the start up and take care of myself until I could generate some income. It was later that I figured out my mentality from pick up (TAKE ACTION NOW!) was what made me decide to go for it and start up a company. I had developed this skill over the years and figured this was my “niche”... Let’s do it. That was a little more than a year ago… Now, here I am today. Doing something that most people told me was never going to work.

<strong>Josh Sway: Describe your work a bit</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Most of my coaching is done in the field. I know people don’t like sitting around being lectured, listening to someone ramble and tell stories… So my coaching is exactly the same way a personal trainer at a gym would be. I just work on building a different set of muscles.

I do also incorporate some self development stuff into my programs due to the fact that I am sick of hearing girls say they are “dating a scum bag.” I have 2 little sisters and the absolute last thing I want would be for them to get picked up and knocked up by some goon. So, my mentality is… Become a better man and become successful with women. Do it at the same time.

<strong>Josh Sway: What's your secret sauce? Your specialty so to speak?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> My specialty, from what my students have told me, is my ability to explain situations and my ability to motivate. I’ve always been a good team leader in previous jobs that I’ve had and I feel that is something that carried over into coaching. Honestly, that’s what some people need. A professional athlete for example, he has a coach who is on the sidelines and PUSHING him to keep going. For some guys, they need that in their dating life while interacting with women.

<strong>Josh Sway: Who are some of your influences?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Owen Cook from Real Social Dynamics, and Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) are all people that are very influential in my life. My goal is to give the same influence those men have gave me to my students. Those are all people who have taught me that absolutely anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in ridiculous amounts of work. They showed me the door and I kicked it open.

<strong>Josh Sway: What is your favorite part of your job? Coolest experiences? People you've met? etc.</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Well, one of my favorite parts about it is that I don’t even really consider it a “job.” I love helping people master this area of their lives. I would do it for free if I could.

I know how it feels to work a 60 hour week and have no one to come home to. I think what makes up my favorite part of the job is that I can relate to most of my students once I dig deep enough into their relationship past. I know I can help them because I was once in the same position that they are. It’s really rewarding being able to help completely change someone’s life.

A great thing about learning “pick-up” is not only the amount of women you will meet… but the men you meet too. I’ve met some extremely powerful men who have been able to help me build a better life for myself or just awesome friends to have by my side. One thing a lot of guys who get into pick up don’t realize is that they can meet some awesome guys too. Having great friends will allow you to live a great life. You are the middle product of your 5 closest friends… Think about that for a second.

<strong>Josh Sway: What are you some of the worst parts about your job?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> The worst part? I would say is getting inside someone’s head who needs a complete 180 in the opposite direction. Changing someone’s fucked up mindset is frustrating at times but it keeps things interesting and gives me a challenge. Guys develop bad habits over time… And it’s more difficult to get rid of bad habits than it is to create new ones.

<strong>Josh Sway: What kind of guys do you think most benefit from bootcamps/etc?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Honestly, anyone. I’ve worked with people from all different walks of life. The way I teach is a style that helps guys do exactly what I did… Build a better life for themselves. The kind of life that they want. Whether it be a guy who is looking for his next wife or a guy who just wants to get laid as many times as he can… anyone can benefit as long as they can pay attention and follow instructions. Like I said before, anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

<strong>Josh Sway: Where do you recommend guys looking to up their social skills and</strong>
<strong> game get started?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> STOP reading and studying how they can improve the skill set and actually go out and do it! I’ve previously related getting good with social dynamics and pick up to shooting a gun. It’s a skill. You don’t get good at shooting a gun by reading a book about how to shoot a gun… You get good by pulling the trigger and aiming for a target.

<strong>Josh Sway: What do you find is the biggest sticking point most guys have?
<strong>Majik:</strong> I would say its a close tie between approaching and holding a conversation for guys who are new. Body language and facial expressions also seem to be something that a lot of guys can’t figure out because they’ve never had anyone told them that they are doing it wrong.For guys who are a bit more advanced… sexual escalation and closing seem to be the big issues. They are all very simple fixes most of the time… It’s usually the student who makes excuses and keeps saying “I can’t do it.” I feel that is the most beneficial part of having a coach… Someone to slap you in the back of the head and tell you.. YOU CAN! Alot of guys just don’t realize what they are doing wrong.

<strong>Josh Sway: Do guys ever feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask for professional help when it comes to dating? What would you say to them?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Almost every single one of them. It’s hard for a guy to lose his ego and admit that he sucks with girls. It’s something that guys assume that they are “just supposed to know.” And you know what… it might be embarrassing to ask for help with such a personal subject. But what’s even more embarrassing is NOT asking for help and being content with failure. I usually explain to them that the simple fact that they are making an investment towards hiring someone to help them already shows that they are taking the steps that they need to improve themselves. Wanting to be better at something is nothing to be ashamed of.

<strong>Josh Sway: If you have just a few words of advice to give all men, what would they be?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary. You will be extremely surprised with what you actually CAN do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

<strong>Josh Sway: Anything else you think guys out there should know?</strong>

<strong>Majik:</strong> Getting good with women is not something that happens overnight. It doesn’t all “just click” one day. You get a LITTLE bit better with each interaction you have. Getting good at “game” is built off of experience. Think of it this way… you’re not going to be able to read a book by Michael Jordan and go win 6 NBA Championships. Jordan got good because he took shot after shot, went through failure after failure… and that was how he became the greatest player to ever be in the game.

Majik is the founder and lead instructor at The Majikal Method. Be sure to check out his website at <a href=""></a>.

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