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/ Introducing Reformed Nice Guy: Trent Van James

Welcome the first addition to the Josh Sway staff: Trent Van James (TVJ).

I'd like to take a moment to welcome the first addition to our writing staff here at JoshSway: Trent Van James. I have known "TVJ" for over a decade, and over the years I have seen him evolve from the stereotypical "Nice Guy" into a man with an edge. He has developed into an expert in the whole courtship and dating process, with particular expertise in knowing how to build on the initial attraction phase and end up in a romantic relationship and not in the "friendzone".

Due to his considerable experience in taking things to the next level with women, my first hand knowledge of his ability and improvement and his excellent writing skills, I've asked him to join me at to add more content that focuses on the later steps of courtship and relationships. So, if taking it to the next level is your sticking point, you will want to read TVJ's articles. To read TVJ's bio in his own words, <a title="About: Trent Van James" href="/about/trent-van-james">click here</a>.

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