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Having trouble isolating your target? Here are a few tips.

When it comes to girls, dealing with their friends can often be the most frustrating component. It seems that every time things are going well at the bar or club, one of her friends comes and literally or figuratively pulls your girl away from you. Even if there are no friends, you can't really make that strong a move at a public place, and sometimes, it's just too loud or annoying to be able to take things to the next level. The solution to these problems is generally to isolate your target; get her away from her friends, or off the loud dance floor as soon as things are going well. However, sometimes that is easier said than done. I wrote about<a title="7 Ways to Get Her Alone With You" href="/articles/view/7-ways-to-get-her-alone-with-you/"> 7 ways to get her alone with you here</a>, but what do you do when these techniques don't work?
<h4>Her friends don't like you</h4>
If her friends like you, then isolation becomes infinitely easier. However, if they don't like you, isolation can become a nightmare. Furthermore, a lot of times, girls will "not like you" the second they see you simply because you are a guy hitting on her friend. They can be quite vicious as well in this behavior, insulting you and telling you to fuck off.

Dealing with this situation is one of the most difficult, and often times, there is nothing you can do. However, it isn't always the final nail in the coffin. This type of situation is basically the cock-block. I wrote about the solution in <a title="Dealing With A Cockblock" href="/articles/view/dealing-with-a-cockblock/">my article how to deal with a cock-block</a> so I won't rehash in too much detail. As I wrote in that article, the basic idea is to get the girl you are interested with to deal with the cock block. If the girl is into you, she will deal with her cock-blocking friend for you which spares you having to do it. It is one of the only successful approaches if the girl friend is cock-blocking though if you have a wing, they can be of great help here.
<h4>There isn't a good isolation location</h4>
Most likely, if you can't think of where to go to isolate her, you simply aren't thinking hard enough. It's quite rare that there is no place quieter or more relaxed than where you are at the moment, so, the first step is to be sure you really can't think of any place to take propose you go to make things a little more intimate. With that said, there are some venues that are small, loud, and cramped such that the only escape is out of the venue; and that is your solution: leave the venue! Don't be afraid of asking a girl to leave the venue. It doesn't have to be permanent: simply propose stepping outside for some fresh air or the like.
<h4>She just wants to dance</h4>
Sometimes, things are going well on the dance floor, but she just isn't receptive to leaving it. This happens from time to time, even if you are already making out or what not. The first step to solving this conundrum is not to get angry or annoying. Don't keep pestering her to get off the dance floor every two seconds. If you got rejected the first time, don't expect to just repeat the same question and have it succeed. For instance, if you said, "let's go get a drink" the first time, and it didn't work, don't use it again. Try a different approach. One such approach is instead of moving off the dance floor to move to a different location in the dance floor. This builds some trust between you and her and gets her closer to where you want her, which is off the dance floor and somewhere more private.
<h4>Attraction wins in the end</h4>
As I ended my <a title="Dealing With A Cockblock" href="/articles/view/dealing-with-a-cockblock/">cock-block article</a>, in the end, all these techniques only go so far, and the real winner is attraction. Build enough attraction, and your target will do all the work for you. Otherwise, you always run the risk these techniques won't work because she simply isn't attracted enough to want to be alone with you at that time.

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