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/ It's About Whether She Is DTF You

It's not about whether a girl is DTF, it's about whether or not she is DTF you

I am normally very hesitant about sharing views on fast seduction online despite my considerable expertise on the subject (generally these powerful techniques are reserved for my mailing list members, for<a href=""> e-books</a>, etc. as I don't want this information too spread out) however, I do think the following is a very important thing to address: There is a huge difference between women who are DTF (down to f---) and women who are DTF *you*.
<h4>Is she DTF is the wrong question to ask</h4>
There are probably thousands of articles out there about how to identify "DTF" women, etc. The problem is, these articles (and e-books/videos/etc.) are answering the wrong question. The right question is not "how to tell if a woman is DTF" but rather, how to tell if a woman is "DTF *you*". Why? Simple, MOST women are DTF, so answering that question is pointless!
<h4>Most women are DTF</h4>
Believe it or not, unless you are talking about younger women (< 21), most women are DTF. This is a simple reality of human nature. I wrote about this in greater detail in my "Myth of the one night stand article". This is an almost impossible topic to study with precision, but as I know, (and other men who have had many one night stands know), MOST women will sleep with you, on a first date or first meeting, if you attract them well enough and the logistics allow it.

This information may seem shocking to you, or perhaps depressing if you are one of the many guys not getting one night stands (or any sex), but it is TRUE. What it means is that you shouldn't worry about whether or not a certain woman is DTF, you should be asking whether or not she is DTF you, and/or how can you make her DTF you.
<h4>The DTF signs are usually straight forward and unnecessary</h4>
If you follow the general gist of much of the dating advice at <a href=""></a>, you will know that I advocate continual escalation. If you are always escalating, then DTF signs are extremely straight forward: She simply continues to go along with your escalations until you are back at your apartment in bed etc. That's right, you don't leave it to her subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that she wants to hook up, you just keep escalating into that direction. This makes her signals more or less unnecessary. The signals you should be looking for are actually signs she is NOT interested or uncomfortable; ALWAYS make sure your date is comfortable, consenting, and respected when escalating sexually.
<h4>Attraction and comfort make her DTF</h4>
So, what's the conclusion from all of this? The conclusion is simple: everything comes down to attracting her and making her comfortable. I wrote about this in detail <a href="">here</a>. The key if you are looking for an "easy lay" is not to find a woman who is a "one night stand type woman" or a "slut" or whatever other derogatory term men inappropriately use to describe behavior that almost all women exhibit with the right man. The key also isn't some weird seduction trick. The "trick"is to find the woman you think you can most easily attract and make comfortable with you.

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