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Sometimes, just saying hi is effective enough.

When most men begin their journey into the world of "pick up", they become obsessed with the "opener" (first thing you say or do to start a conversation with a girl). They will meticulously plan their openers for the eventual night out. Spend hours on dating and pick up forums debating the merits of one opener versus another. Come up with their own openers to try out, and a whole host of other things except the most important thing: actually going out and opening women!
<h4>Hi is an Analysis Paralysis cure</h4>
If you have this problem: the problem where you plan, plan, plan, but never actually go out there an execute. Throw your opener guide out the window and just open every woman with "Hi". I dedicate a fair amount of my "universal opener" sections in <a href="/ebooks/the-art-of-sway-a-handbook-to-approaching-women">The Art Of Sway</a> to "hi" because, well, "hi" is one of the few openers you can really use just about everywhere and have some success. What is more important is that it is easy to actually use, and at the end of the day, going out there and saying hi to 10 women is much more effective than planning out the perfect opener but never using it on even one woman.
<h4>Hi is surprisingly effective</h4>
Believe it or not, other than on the internet, "Hi" is a very effective opener. Attractive women know that if any guy is talking to them, he is hitting on them. For this reason many openers have similar effectiveness: attractive women only hear this: "I'm hitting on you" when you approach and talk to them. If all she is going to hear is "I'm hitting on you", then it really doesn't matter which opener you use now, does it? So why not just use the simplest one! Granted I am simplifying things as there is a difference between openers, but the point I am trying to make is that there isn't a BIG difference (and that difference is mostly in delivery).
<h4>Hi in practice trumps theory</h4>
As I just mentioned, there is a difference between openers. But if you are going to explore other openers (as opposed to just "hi"), do it in the field, not on paper, in forums, in front of a mirror, or in your head. If you are going to spend your time on openers debating them in theory, just go out there and say "hi" instead. You know, in real life.

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