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/ Kiss Denial: Get More Than a Kiss

Learn how denying a girl a kiss can get you much more than a kiss!

<strong>A Kiss is a Nice Thing</strong>

A kiss is a nice thing; a nice accomplishment, and I highly recommend that if you are a beginner in your journey learning how to attract women to actively pursue the make-out. Success getting a make-out will not only boost your confidence but also reinforce what behaviors attract women versus what behaviors do not. However, at the end of the day, you are not really looking for just a make-out are you? You are probably looking for more: sex, a relationship, even marriage. You know the analogy, a make-out is first base, but you only get points on the scoreboard if you pass home plate. In this article I am going to show you how you can basically "trade in" a make-out for much more.

<strong>But it can actually hurt your chances</strong>

The reality is, in many situations, a make-out can actually HURT your chances of getting more than a make-out. I learned this the hard way; by making out with hundreds of girls with a miserable conversion rate to anything more than a make-out. <strong>Some of the reasons a make-out can hurt your chances of more include:</strong>
<li><strong></strong> Many girls, especially younger girls at clubs and dance parties, consider a make-out with a guy they like a "win". Once you make out with them, they "got" you so they don't feel they need to do anymore to earn your interest.</li>
<li><strong></strong> Making out with girls helps release some of the pent up tension and desire they have for you, making them less desiring of further intimacy.</li>
<li><strong></strong> Make-outs are often noticeable to their friends which often then requires you to earn the approval of all their friends to go any further.</li>
<li><strong></strong> Going for the make-out is ordinary and expected from her in many situations.</li>
<strong>Deny her the kiss she is looking for</strong>

While there are certainly benefits to making out with girls, the technique I want to discuss here is the Kiss Denial. To execute this technique, go through all the motions of a make-out but stop just short of locking lips. Keep her on the edge of her seat with the promise of a great kiss but don't give it to her unless you are in a location where you can go further than making out. <strong>Kiss Denial accomplishes the following:</strong>
<li>It keeps the balance of power in your favor. As long as you continue to display confident body language that shows her you are interested in her, she will wonder what is going on and likely try to persuade you to give in and kiss her. Take advantage of this to isolate her from her friends or taking her to a better location.</li>
<li>Kiss Denial maintains the sexual tension you have going, perhaps even increasing it. This can turn some women on even more than kissing her.</li>
<li>No lip locking is more discrete which will ease any pressure you may have from her friends.</li>
<li>It denies her the "win". Women often want to believe they "conquered" their man. Don't make it so easy for them to "win" with so much as a kiss. Make them have to commit much more to "get" you.</li>
Another great feature of Kiss Denial is that the cost is usually very small. In general, all you give up is a make-out; which after a few years of going out there and meeting women, will be such a regular occurrence that you won't care one way or the other.

Once you have built up the higher level of tension and anticipation, use it to isolate your target. Try to get her out of the current venue to a quieter venue or even back to your place. She will often be much more receptive given the tension you have built up and her desire to "win".

<strong>Try it out yourself!</strong>

I have used this technique extensively in many situations; in particular clubs, to great success. It isn't foolproof; no technique is, but I have been much more successful getting sex and second dates with women from clubs and bars that I got close to when I employed Kiss Denial than when I went for the make-out. But, don't take my word for it, try it out yourself!

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